Flying the flag for UDL in math and STEM

Here at Texthelp, we’ve been big advocates of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) for quite some time now. We’re fervent believers in allowing students to access and integrate into their own education journey, at times and in ways that are most suitable for them. We’re frequent attendees at the annual UDL-IRN conference and have made lots of life-long friends there who are both advocates for and experts on UDL.

This quick video sums up why UDL-IRN is such a great meeting place for everyone who is passionate about UDL.

Joining the UDL revolution

UDL is something that schools across North America are really taking on board and are implementing  to allow their students to learn and engage in their education in ways which best suit them. Worryingly though, math and STEM subjects seem to have been left behind. Perhaps that’s because math and STEM are traditionally thought of as “pen and paper” subjects and as such don’t lend themselves to the tech savvy UDL revolution. But as UDL advocates would testify, UDL implementation can be no, low or high tech, so there’s something in there for everyone.

This made us stop and think. There must be lots of math and STEM educators out there who are on the search for innovative strategies to engage their students in meaningful STEM instruction.  We want to really help fly the flag for UDL in the STEM sphere, and now is the time to move beyond compliance and take a look at how to design high quality digital math and STEM instruction that engages and supports diverse learners.  

Hear from the experts

We’re gearing up to host a webinar alongside two of our awesome Texthelpers and former educators, Joni Degner and Louis Shanafelt. Our team are hosting a live 1 hour session to walk you through strategies to move you from simply complying with curriculum necessities to providing instruction that will deepen engagement and revolutionize your math and science classrooms. 

You can register for Joni and Louis’ session on July 28 at 2pm ET now