Introducing ReachDeck…

These are very exciting times here at Texthelp! We’ve just launched a brand new website. And released the first version of our new enterprise accessibility solution, ReachDeck.

You’re maybe thinking, there’s that word again - accessibility. It’s a complex topic, right? There’s so many different guidelines and legislation to comply with. It can be very difficult to know where to start. 

So let me ask, what does accessibility mean to you?

Perhaps you’re a Web Developer. Maybe you’re responsible for manually searching your website for accessibility problems. And it’s your job to make sure you’re WCAG compliant. Or, that you meet the UK Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations 2018. With over 350 error types to look for and fix, I imagine that takes a long time.

That’s where I’m excited to tell you about ReachDeck and its Auditor feature. It scans your website for all WCAG 2.1 compliance errors. So you can spend time on what matters most - fixing those errors. And not only that, with the ReachDeck Auditor it’s easy to navigate and prioritise fixes.

Not a developer? Then maybe you’re a Customer Relationship Manager, or a Communications Manager. You’re responsible for making sure your teams interact with customers and the public in a professional way. It can be difficult to oversee all communications, especially with an ever-growing list of communication channels. And added to that, finding time to train employees on your business guidelines and expectations.

So, that’s where I’m pleased to tell you about the ReachDeck Editor. It’s a user-friendly software that every employee can use to increase the quality of their content. It corrects spelling, grammar and punctuation. But not only that, it supports accessible communication. It helps employees to limit their use of jargon words and long sentences. It also gives information on the reading age of their content. So they can make sure it can be understood by your target audience.

Or, maybe you're in a Digital Marketing Team. And your aim is to create content in many different formats. So you can make sure your messages resonate with a wide audience. Creating content that can be understood by everyone, in a language and format that suits them takes time. And that’s where I’m happy to say that ReachDeck can help you too. 

As part of ReachDeck, there’s the ReachDeck Toolbar. It helps your website visitors to understand your content using a format that suits them. Its Text-to-Speech feature reads content aloud. Whilst Translation translates text into over 100 languages. Making accessibility features available on your website helps visitors to have the best possible experience while they're there. 

ReachDeck has been created to help your business to tackle the challenges of accessibility across all departments. Having spent years helping organisations do just that, I know that getting it right isn't a simple task. In fact, at Texthelp we’re on our own accessibility journey. And I know that you will experience the benefits of ReachDeck in the same way that we have.

Listen to Stuart in the video below to hear more about ReachDeck. Or visit the ReachDeck product page. There, you'll also find out how you can try ReachDeck for yourself.