Assessing the impact: learning in a changing landscape

We recently commissioned a study with educational analyst, ImpactEd, to examine the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on education in the UK, US and Australia. Our aim was to understand the effect that remote and blended learning is having on student motivation and the role of technology to help address this going forward. We’re excited to finally be able to share the key learnings from the paper. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic brought our daily lives to a sudden stop, education systems globally were forced to rethink their approach to teaching and learning, practically overnight. Educators, students and parents moved fast to find digital solutions to manage the impact of school closures.

Our research team uncovered a range of new challenges faced by educators. It highlighted that lockdowns in each country have not only created a range of new challenges for educators, but also deepened existing long-term problems and inequalities. In particular, the evidence shows COVID-19 has led to acute challenges in three linked areas –  student motivation, teacher workload and student wellbeing. 

We’ve created a quick glance overview of the US findings below, or you can read the full whitepaper ‘Lockdown and beyond: learning in a changing landscape’ to explore all our research in depth. 

US impact of COVID-19 on learning loss infographic


Delve into the results from the full whitepaper to compare findings from the UK, US and Australia and let us know in the comments what you've found most challenging during this time.