Webinar recap: Teaching in a changing landscape

On Tuesday November 10 we hosted a webinar to take a look at how education has changed over this past year, where things are heading and how students can move forward with rigor and without barriers. Lots of interesting points were raised about  access to technology, key challenges for the future and supporting students throughout. 

If you didn't get the chance to catch the webinar live, that's no problem. You can re-watch and share as many times as you like by registering for the recording. 

Read the panel’s thoughts on the most commonly asked audience questions from the day. And if you have a burning question on a similar topic, you can Tweet us @texthelp, or drop us a comment here. We’d love to keep the discussion going. 

Q: Are Read&Write and EquatIO® available to use in Microsoft?

A: Yes! Both Read&Write and EquatIO are fully functional in Windows! 

Q: What LMSs do Read&Write and EquatIO work in?

A: Read&Write works in many LMSs like Canvas, Schoology, Moodle, and Google Classroom. Once in your LMS, you can open the floating toolbar by clicking on the Read&Write puzzle piece and then use the tools to read text aloud, look up words, use prediction, etc. EquatIO works in Canvas, Google Classroom, Schoology and Brightspace D2L; however, you'll need to have a domain license for EquatIO in order to use this tool within those LMSs.

Q: Is Mathspace available to students if they’re only using the freemium version of EquatIO? Or will a premium license be required to access?

A: Many features are available within EquatIO Mathspace for free, but you’ll need a premium license to access certain features like math, chemistry and formula prediction or EquatIO’s mobile integration. Here's lots more information on premium vs. freemium features of mathspace. 

Q: Where can I find more information on Read&Write’s and EquatIO’s freemium and premium features?

A: You can find more information on Read&Write’s freemium/premium features on the Read&Write page and EquatIO’s features on the EquatIO page

Q: How can I add Read&Write and EquatIO to my school’s LMS?

A: For Read&Write, you just need to install the extension in Chrome and the toolbar will then be able to sit on top of any page in your LMS when you open it in your Chrome browser. EquatIO works a bit differently and there are specific steps to install the EquatIO plug-in that will vary based on your LMS. Instructions can be found here, but you’ll need a Domain license for your district in order to access it within your LMS.

Q: Does EquatIO have an onscreen calculator?

A: YES! We actually use the Desmos calculator that appears on many state assessments. A perfect way to help students get familiar with that tool!

Q: Are you able to take a picture of a math worksheet through a laptop and then use EquatIO to complete it?

A: Yes! You can use the EquatIO screenshot reader to bring that math into a doc, slide, or form.

Q: If I create an assignment with Read&Write in Google classroom, will the extension be available to students if they don't have the extension installed?

A: Students will need to download the 30 day free trial of Read&Write and the Texthelp PDF Reader in order to get the full Google Classroom integration, or you can set up a complimentary district wide pilot.

Q: Where can students access feedback within EquatIO Mathspace?

A: Students will get a notification that they have feedback to view in EquatIO Mathspace.

Q: Does EquatIO have statistics tools/symbols?

A: Yes! We have advanced symbols for stats, chemistry, physics, and we always are adding formulas based on what our users send us!

Q: Can Read&Write be used to read EquatIO?

A; Yes, Read&Write can be used to read EquatIO math!

Q: Does Read&Write’s vocab list only work in Google Docs?

A: You can create a vocab list using Read&Write from a doc, slides, web pages, and even PDFs!

Q: Can you use Read&Write to read aloud questions in Canvas’ quizzes or in Google Forms?

A: Students can use the text to speech tool to have quiz questions read aloud in Canvas or in Google Forms.

Q: Are Read&Write and EquatIO part of Canvas or would we need to purchase them separately?

A: This is something you purchase to work in conjunction with Canvas. We offer complimentary district wide pilots to let everyone try out the tools.

It’s clear from the discussion during the webinar that continuity of support and well designed instruction are both key to keep students moving forward without barriers. Whether you’re in class, at home, or working on a hybrid model of the two, as a K-12 teacher you can have FREE premium access to both Read&Write and EquatIO. Simply visit our Free for teachers page.