Top 5 Ways to use EquatIO in the Classroom

Originally posted on the EdTechTeam blog, this article highlights the top 5 ways to use EquatIO in the classroom. EquatIO is Texthelp's new math tool for educators around the world to use. This Chrome Extension allows teachers and students to type, write or speak math. Yes - this is the tool that will make those frustrating equation editors obsolete. 

Here are the Top 5 ways to use EquatIO in your classroom this week: 

1. Your New Equation Sheet 

Math is more than just memorizing formulas. Our equation writer helps students easily access formulas for their solution by predicting what they are typing. By having access to these formulas, students are able to work on solving the problem rather than writing out the formula. 

2. Showing Your Work 

Solving an algebra problem that requires you to use multiple lines to show all of your work. Use the handwriting tool to have each step show on a new line. 

3. Exit tickets 

Google Forms can enhance our exit tickets, and now, we have the opportunity to enrich the exit tickets we use with our students. Combining the ability to show your work with the ease of Google Forms will ensure our students get the best opportunity to showcase their understanding to their teacher. 

4. Crowd Source Information 

Collaboration and brainstorming allows our students to see beyond their own scope. While preparing for an assessment or reviewing content, students can add in their own equations into a shared Google Doc and add to/edit each other's equations once inserted.

5. Math to Speech 

A hand goes up in your classroom and it is a student letting you know that they do not know where to start. You go over, read the problem out-loud and, because they are just listening and not decoding to listen, the know their first step. Combine the powers of Read&Write and EquatIO to have math problems read outloud. All equations created with EquatIO work with Read&Write. 

We know that EquatIO is more than just a math tool - it also opens up the doors of possibilities for Science and Engineering. Here is a bonus 6th Way to use EquatIO in your science classroom: 

6. Balancing Equations 

As we are able to balance equations using a digital program, we can easily change numbers and add in different items all without crossing text out or squeezing numbers to fit into the right place. How much easier would it be to balance an equation using EquatIO and Screencastify so the student can explain their decisions. 

*Pro Tip - by selecting the EquatIO image and selecting “Extract Math” from the toolbar, you do not even have to write out the original equation! 

Have another way you are using EquatIO in your classroom? Share using #EdTechTeam and #EquatIO. 

Watch out Chromebooks - here comes the world of Math and Science!