Upcoming changes to Fluency Tutor for Google free version

Fluency Tutor makes it easy for teachers to assign reading passages. It can also be used to assess oral reading fluency and track student progress over time. It's a great reading support tool, but we're always working on ways to improve it for teachers and students. In order for us to continue delivering that value, we must sometimes adapt our offerings. 

Today we are announcing some upcoming changes to the free version of Fluency Tutor for Google. Starting on September 30, 2021, two features will be removed from the free version of Fluency Tutor. After this date, a paid, premium license will be needed in order to access these two features.

The two features that are changing are:

  1. The ability to export a student running record to Google Sheets
    This feature allows you to create a spreadsheet that shows a student’s reading activities, related metrics and scores.  
  2. The ability to create custom reading passages  
    The “Create Content” feature allows you to type or copy and paste text into your own custom passage.

If you have already created custom passages you will still have access to these after September 30. However, after that date you will no longer be able to create new custom content.

These changes will take place on September 30, 2021. After this date, new users will be able to trial the above two features for free for 30 days. Current free users will need to buy a premium license to enjoy continued access to these two features. If you choose to stay with the free version of Fluency Tutor you will still be able to share over 300 built-in reading passages, listen to student recordings and give quick feedback.

If you haven’t tried Fluency Tutor yet, and are looking to level up your reading assessment, check out our Fluency Tutor page.