We’ve updated WriQ to help writing flow

We're excited to announce the release of writing prompts in WriQ

Creativity on tap

With its time-saving elements and unique feedback features for scoring student’s writing assignments, WriQ is a teacher’s ‘best friend’.  But, like all friendships, we learn from one another and grow together as time goes on. Your friendship with WriQ has taught us that it could stand to blossom even further and help you ‘work smarter, not harder’. 

With that in mind, we want to share how we’ve upgraded your friendship with WriQ to now include Writing Prompts, which are available to use from April 28, 2022 and will help encourage that creative writing flow.

Propel to make waves

When teachers look at a piece of student writing, they can (often) tell what a student’s interests and hobbies are. Why? Because students write about what they know and often thinking about a writing subject becomes the toughest obstacle for them. Sometimes it can be challenging for teachers to think of just the right prompt to spark that creative side for students, too. 

That’s why we created a bank of useful prompts to help generate writing task ideas or inspire student writing and get students' minds racing. 

Whether you have students that enjoy creative writing or not, this WriQ update is going to help their writing follow a theme and flow and improve their WriQ score as they go.  

How-to use Writing Prompts:

The bank of writing prompts can be accessed by students following the steps below:

  1. Select the ‘Maximize’ button (just above their Burst Meter) 
  2. Click on the’ Open Menu’ button (in the upper left corner of the sidebar)
  3. Select ‘Prompts’
  4. From the ‘Prompts’ menu students can access the writing prompts assigned to them across all curriculum teachers.

For teachers, follow these steps to access the prompts:

  1. Visit your WriQ dashboard via your browser by going to wriq.texthelp.com
  2. Once logged in, you can view the new ‘Prompts’ button( displayed on the left side of the dashboard)  
  3. A window will open displaying all the categories to choose from (these are identical categories to the prompts on the student side)
  4. When a prompt is selected, click the  ‘assign to classroom’ button  
  5. An additional window will appear where you can choose the due date and the classroom to assign the prompt to
  6. Finally select ‘Assign Prompts’ 

The real magic here, in my opinion, is the ‘Choose my prompt’ button.  This will display an interactive window for the student to select a prompt from a full bank of options like: Creative Writing, Fun, Journal, Narrative, Younger Prompts, and Opinion.

We hope this update will inspire and spark creativity for students of all ages who enjoy writing for pleasure, to unwind and decompress after a long day or need support when writing assignments.

Save for a rainy day or let the prompts out to play 

I know what you are thinking already…  We love your Texthelp prompts, but we would really like to put our own prompts into WriQ - Can we do this easily?  Absolutely.  

Above our bank of prompts you’ll see the option “or write your own.”  This allows you even greater flexibility for those times when you’ve already prepared prompts to assign to students.  

We’ve also taught WriQ a thing or two in the process of adding this feature:  writing prompts will now be eliminated from the grading process. When you go to review your student submissions, the prompts will not count towards the students word count or any other criteria that WriQ is told to measure.  

To see the new WriQ Writing Prompts in action, take a look at our demo video, below:

I truly believe that this is one of the best releases to date for WriQ and I cannot wait to hear the feedback from teachers and students regarding the latest update.  If you want to share that feedback, please reach out to me in the product’s menu where you will see a ‘Feedback’ button.  

Dropping on your WriQ dashboard soon...

Writing prompts will be rolled-out automatically to our customers on Thursday 28th April, so there's no action needed on your side.

Just use the prompts to inspire that creative writing flow. Thanks for being the best part of the WriQ Texthelp Family!