WriQ, the future Fitbit for writing

We recently sat down with our chief geek (Chief Technical Officer) Martin McKay to discuss all things writing, including how WriQ could be the new Fitbit for writing…

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As most of you will know, we’ve recently released our new Chrome extension, WriQ, which grades papers digitally - saving more time for other precious classroom activities. 

In the future, WriQ will also provide comparable insights on writing levels within a school, district or at a state/national level. Making it easier to allocate invaluable district resources, progress student literacy and improve writing performance. 

But to explore this further, here’s Martin on why learning analytics is so important for writing assessment, and how WriQ could be the new Fitbit for writing… 

If you would like to try WriQ, add the extension to your Chrome browser - and you’re all set! 

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