WriQ update: send your students feedback using a voice note

In this blog we take a look at updates that have been made to WriQ. Now you can send your students some feedback via a voice note. Check out this blog by product evangelist and expert on all things WriQ - Mark Schwartz.

Not long after I started teaching, I remember laughing at a bit on tv (I can't remember if it was on Saturday Night Live or another show), where a student gets an essay back from their teacher. The only comment in big red letters across the page was "ambiguous."  And the student sat there, mystified about how to proceed.  

Too often, I think, that's how students feel about our feedback.  We're rushed. We have 100 essays to correct and only a few days to do it. So putting comments on every paper in all the spots where you see room for improvement is at minimum difficult and often near impossible.  So our comments are sometimes...ambiguous!

With WriQ, our goal has always been to help teachers speed up and improve the feedback loop.  The faster a student gets suggestions for improvement, the more valuable and impactful that feedback is.  

So to help speed up the process and give teachers a more in-depth way to get their ideas to students, we are excited to add a Voice Notes feedback feature to WriQ.  Now, on the summary screen where you already can leave some typed feedback, you can add up to a five-minute voice note for your student.  This allows you to give more insight, encouragement, and a more positive tone than what can come across in written feedback.

Amy Mayer, the founder of Fried Technology, has been using the voice comment feature in our Read and Write program for many years and is excited to see a more developed version of that in WriQ. 

Leaving a voice note is simple - click on the microphone icon on your extension's feedback/summary screen, and you'll have five minutes to record your thoughts.  Clicking the play button allows you to review your note before saving it. (note: you will have to give WriQ permission to record your voice)

Students will have to have the WriQ extension installed in their Chrome browser to hear your note.  They will see the notification that they have feedback, and if there is a voice note, that will appear immediately below the text feedback.

For more information, please visit www.texthelp.com/wriq or reach out directly to me at m.schwartz@texthelp.com.