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Transforming math education

With our Make Math Move campaign we’re encouraging the adoption of digital math as a transformative shift in math education, offering a pathway to navigate learning loss, enhance student engagement and promote inclusive learning environments. We believe that with your help, we can Make Math Move by:

Moving math with the times

Moving math scores up

Moving math learning forward with engaged learners

Digitizing Math: The Report

Dive into the minds of over 250 math educators nationwide. Get the insights and trends shaping the math classroom, from teaching methods to learner impact. Exploring both traditional and digital math teaching methods, our report reveals key trends and actionable strategies to drive improvement and shape the future of math education.

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Move math with the times using our digital math guide

Find engaging activities to practical guides - everything you need to enhance math education. Whether you're a teacher searching for classroom materials or a student looking for extra practice, our digital math guide covers a wide range of topics for every type of learner.

Discover our digital math tool, Equatio and move math learning forward with engaged learners.

Equatio benefits for Middle Schools

Explore ways learners can level up their digital math skills.

Equatio benefits for High Schools

Get all learners engaged and find success in math education.

Make math more engaging

Games and puzzles are a great way to get students engaged in math. They can help students learn new concepts, practice their skills, and have fun at the same time. Our Equatio tool makes math move.

Revolutionize math

Embracing technology can revolutionize math learning by making it interactive, visual, and immersive. Educational apps, online simulations, virtual manipulatives, and interactive whiteboards provide opportunities for exploration, practice, and engagement beyond traditional textbooks.

Shape the future of math education

As education continuously evolves, we think about the future of math instruction, exploring emerging technologies and teaching methodologies that promise to shape the mathematicians and problem-solvers of tomorrow.

Ready to move math scores up?

Equatio is a powerful equation editor that makes it easy to create digital, accessible math. It saves time, lowers stress, eliminates frustration and makes math more accessible and engaging for every learner.