Inclusive learning for all at Cheam Common Infants' Academy


Cheam Common Infants' Academy, based in the heart of Surrey, South London opens their doors to children aged 3-7 years old, with classes ranging from nursery to year two. Proudly affiliated with LEO Academy Trust, a network of like-minded schools, it takes pride in laying the foundations for a lifelong lobe of learning, where every child's potential is nurtured and celebrated.

LEO Academy Trust is dedicated to providing Learning, Excellence, and Opportunity to every pupil within its care.

Cheam Common Infants' Academy ensures that each child is well-prepared for their next stage of learning, equipped with the skills and mindset to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

Hear firsthand from teachers and students at Cheam Common Infants' Academy on how Texthelp tools are transforming teaching and learning

Technology for learning

At Cheam Common Infants' Academy, their prime focus is to nurture a lifelong love of learning from the very beginning, providing a curriculum that is carefully crafted to ignite curiosity and foster growth in their youngest learners.

Each child is valued as a unique individual, and the schools dedicated staff closely monitor their progress, ensuring that every step in their educational journey is thoughtfully planned and tailored to their needs.

In 2020, they embarked on an exciting digital transformation initiative in partnership with LEO Academy Trust. As part of this initiative, every pupil at Cheam Common Infants' Academy received their own Chromebook, revolutionizing their approach to learning. Recognizing the importance of personalized learning in the early years, the school strives to create an inclusive environment where every child can thrive at their own pace.

Through its integrated digital skills curriculum, they empower young learners to navigate technology safely and responsibly, laying a strong foundation for their future educational success.

"Technology has definitely helped a lot of children in terms of accessing learning on a day-to-day. We still need them to learn the basics of forming letters and all of those standard skills, but when it comes to the wider curriculum and various elements that we have found difficult before because of their age, the technology has actually helped and has made it more accessible for them."

Digital tools for inclusive learning

Since 2020, Texthelp tools, Read&Write and OrbitNote, have been seamlessly integrated across every device at Cheam Common Infants' Academy. This proactive approach ensures that scaffolding is readily available to support the diverse needs of every child. 

Teachers and pupils alike utilise these digital resources effortlessly across the curriculum, resulting in a significant enhancement of accessibility and the creation of truly inclusive learning environments.

"We're absolutely committed to nurturing children, to give them the well-rounded skills that they need, not just to to exist, but to thrive and to flourish in the future. The tools provided by Texthelp are really transformational here, ultimately transforming children's lives."

Student spotlight

At Cheam Common Infants' Academy, young learners are finding education more accessible and inclusive than ever before. Through the use of Texthelp tools, they're experiencing greater engagement and making noticeable progress in their early learning journey.

"If we didn't have any Chromebooks then, everybody would be quite sad because I know everybody loves the Chromebooks."

Discover Texthelp tools

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