Read&Write: Empowering Inclusivity at Gorebridge Primary School


Gorebridge Primary School, situated in Midlothian, Scotland, has approximately 300 pupils spanning Primary 1 to Primary 7, along with an additional 64 children in its nursery. Recognising the importance of digital literacy, the school has taken a proactive approach to empower its students with the necessary skills from a young age.

In alignment with their commitment to fostering digital literacy, Gorebridge Primary School has implemented Read&Write, our literacy toolbar, across all levels of its student body.

The initiative aims not only to address current literacy needs but also to lay a strong foundation for the development of digital skills that will serve students well into the future and practices the schools core REACH values which stands for respect, equality, achieve, confidence and happiness, so that every pupil can be the best they can be.

Student Spotlight

I really like using Read&Write because the prediction feature will guess the word and the dictionary tells us all about it.

Making a Difference

Enhancing learning for all: Teachers addressed the challenges of the varied abilities of students throughout the school. Read&Write is proving instrumental in this scenario, supporting children with spelling challenges while allowing more capable learners to push their boundaries. By implementing Read&Write class-wide, the tool is removing barriers, creating a sense of independence among students.

Breaking Down Barriers: Read&Write has proven effective in breaking down barriers to writing, particularly for reluctant writers. Children who once found writing daunting now engage enthusiastically, using the tool to access and express their ideas. The ability to hear words, utilise predictions, and access a dictionary is enhancing their writing experience.

Developing independence: The tool's impact extends beyond individual assistance, freeing up teachers' time to focus on targeted teaching. By fostering independence, Read&Write is empowering students from a young age to navigate their learning journey with confidence, ensuring they are well-prepared for the challenges of both the classroom and life beyond.

Personally Read&Write makes me feel delighted, part of me wishes I had this support when I was a teacher. We have seen such a positive impact upon our learners and I am delighted to see other teachers adopting it.

Discover Read&Write

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