Read&Write: Empowering Inclusivity at St David's High School


St. David's High School, situated in Dalkeith within Midlothian Council, Scotland, is committed to an inclusive approach to learning.

With around 770 pupils, the school places a strong emphasis on creating a positive and supportive environment for all learners. Guided by its core ASPIRE values—Achievement, Service, Perseverance, Inclusion, Respect, and Excellence—the school strives to provide an all school inclusive approach to both academic success and personal development.

Acknowledging the varied needs of students, particularly those facing challenges with reading and spelling, St David's High School has embarked on a journey to empower its pupils independently, breaking down barriers to learning.

St David's introduced Read&Write, our literacy toolbar, to provide students with the necessary resources to overcome literacy challenges. This decision was influenced by the tool's diverse features, catering to a range of learning needs.

Student Spotlight

It makes learning easier as I don't have to wait on a teacher for help, there's less waiting and I can do my work more independently.

Making a Difference

Teachers at St David’s High School are utilising Read&Write to elevate the learning experience for their students, granting them the opportunity to actively engage and succeed in their classroom learning.

Reduction in Assistive Technology Requests: Teachers reported a significant 90% reduction in requests for assistive technology across the Local Authority, showcasing the effectiveness of Read&Write in meeting diverse learning needs.

Increased Independence: Students have acknowledged increased levels of independence, using the features of Read&Write to aid them in their learning without relying on teacher assistance.

Personalised Learning: The customisable features, such as overlays, have empower students to tailor their reading experience.

The implementation of Read&Write at St. David's High School demonstrates a commitment to inclusive education. By addressing individual learning needs, the school has created a supportive environment where every student can thrive. Read&Write's success is not only measured in academic achievements but in nurturing independent learners prepared for lifelong success.

Read&Write gives us the opportunity to allow all our young people to engage with learning. It gives students who perhaps were intimidated by passages of text a route and and a set of tools to engage with learning and get the understanding from that text.

Discover Read&Write

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