What makes content inclusive?

A 30 minute webinar with Clare Reucroft, Content Designer, Content Design London

In this recorded webinar, explore readability, use of language, and inclusive design. Hear an overview of readability guidelines, and discover best practice around inclusive language and design.

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About this webinar

Content that’s inclusive is that which not only can be accessed, but also understood. Removing barriers to access and meeting WCAG’s technical requirements are all vital. But it’s just as important to make sure that the content is actually usable, and makes your audience feel connected and welcomed.

1 in 4 Americans have a disability. Over 10% of disabled people have a cognitive disability that can affect concentration and comprehension. Content design is about putting your users at the heart of the design process. And answering their needs in the best way possible for the user to consume the information, and let’s face it, that may not be in words. There’s many different formats that we can present information in. Your content may be easy to access, but is it usable?

Often, people default to thinking that inclusive content is for a targeted audience. But that is not the case. In this webinar, you’ll learn how inclusive content meets everyone’s needs. You’ll also discover best practice around inclusive language and design.

Watch now on demand, and …

  • Explore how use of language and inclusive design will benefit your users
  • Gain an overview of readability guidelines
  • Discover best practice around inclusive language and design

This session will benefit…

Anyone looking to optimize their online presence, or delve into best practice for building truly inclusive marketing and digital experiences. More specifically - website owners, digital leaders, marketing communications professionals, corporate social responsibility leads and IT specialists.

Hear from the experts

Clare Reucroft, Content Design London

Content Designer

Clare is a content designer at Content Design London (CDL). With a background in linguistics and experience design practices, Clare has a keen interest for all things content, usability and language. Throughout her career, Clare has worked across a range of sectors including central government, domestic abuse services and pharmaceuticals. She cares deeply about accessibility and inclusive design, and how the words we use impact experience.

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