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No way but forward: an Olympic start to the school year

If you missed our back to school conference all our sessions are now available on demand, until the 31st December.

The return to full-time, face-to-face learning will be an exciting time for both students and teachers alike. No doubt, it’s a relief for many, including parents and care-givers too. But this will also be a critical time to maximize learning opportunities.

As you prepare to go back to the classroom, consider the benefits of the continued use of digital tools. Technology will never replace great teachers, but we are changed and different now, and are ready to move forward. We’re ‘faster, higher, stronger - together.’

In this one day conference, our speakers will help you explore new ways that digital tools can:

  • Identify and address learning gaps
  • Promote inclusion 
  • Encourage learner success in the face of uncertainty
  • Create access to learning 
  • Plan for a digital future
  • Support Social Emotional Learning

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