Fun Writing Prompts for Kids

It’s not always easy for students to find the inspiration they need to start writing. Use these fun writing prompts to help students develop a daily habit of writing, that will have their creative juices flowing in no time.

Fun writing prompts for kids examples:

  1. A guitar pick, a red balloon, and a wicker basket. Write a scene or a poem that includes these three objects.
  2. Tell this story: “There it was, finally. Our island. Our very own island. It looked beautiful above the waves of fog, but there was still one question to be answered: why had they sold it to us for only five dollars?”
  3. "When I stepped outside, the whole world smelled like…" Write a scene that starts with that line.
  4. What animal lives beneath your human skin?  A mouse? A cougar? Or what? Explain with writing.
  5. What if your pet could only talk to you at midnight for an hour?
  6. Write about 5 things you'd rather be doing right now.
  7. Create a menu from a fictitious restaurant. Make sure the restaurant has a theme, such as Classic Books, and the food should all be given appropriate names (e.g.,  “Mockingbird Pie”).
  8. You’re a talk show host. Pick two guests. Why did you choose them? Are they people who get along, or people with vastly different viewpoints? Write about the episode.
  9. Rewrite “The Tale of the Three Little Pigs” by using people that you know as the pigs and the wolf.
  10. A blue trash can, a red picture frame, a teddy bear with the stuffing falling out, and a padlock. Put these four items somewhere in a story, scene, or poem.
  11. What road-trip would you take if you suddenly could? Write about it.
  12. Pick a family member or two and write about his or her reputation in your family, or tell a family legend.
  13. Write a self-portrait.

Address the writing challenges your students face

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