Texthelp Talks Season Two

Welcome to another season of the Texthelp Talks podcast. The podcast that gets you thinking differently about disability inclusion. This season we are chatting all things Universal Design.

Texthelp Talks... Universal Design

The idea of Universal Design is a concept that has exploded into all areas of society. As a disability inclusion podcast, we believe the principles are something we should be embracing, from the classroom to the workplace. Stay tuned to hear about the origins of Universal Design, why it matters and the role of technology in making it a reality.

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  • Universal Design is all around us. It makes sure that products and environments are usable to all people, by design. In this episode, we’ll be taking a look at the origin of the concept and how the principles have evolved to all parts of society. We’ll be hearing from different perspectives how inclusivity by design can be applied in different settings, both physical and digital. Gain insights from:

    • Paul Crowe, Managing Director of TODD Architects
    • Gordon McCullough, Chief Executive of the Research Institute for Disabled Consumers (RIDC)
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  • If we want all learners to succeed, we need to ensure that we are continuing their supports into higher education as well as K through 12. In this episode, our host Joni Degner will be recapping a discussion that took place over on Think UDL (hosted by Lillian Nave) with Rachel Kruzel, Higher Education Specialist at Texthelp.

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  • What impact can Universal Design have on the experiences of disabled and neurodivergent talent? In this podcast episode, we explore this through the eyes of Cory Quigley - a neurodivergent person working in the Human Services field. As Cory shares his experiences of growing up and working with ADHD and Dyslexia, he also highlights how he feels educators and employers can improve the experience for neurodivergent people.

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Bonus episodes

  • At Texthelp it’s our mission to help unlock everyone's full potential through technology. We love hearing from other like minded people who are passionate about education, accessibility and technology. That's why we have invited Luis Pérez, Technical Assistance Specialist at CAST, and Mindy Johnson, Director of Digital Communications & Outreach at CAST, to join us for this episode.

    We’ll be discussing the importance of accessibility, both as a foundation for UDL, and in online teaching in general. This includes the steps that educators can take to ensure accessibility on their materials, as well as the importance of making sure that PDFs are accessible.

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  • In this Texthelp Talks podcast episode, we hear Steve Nordmark and James Basham discuss the future directions of UDL (Universal Design for Learning) and unpack what an ‘expert learner’ really is.

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Next season on...

Join us in May 2023 for season 3 of Texthelp Talks where we'll be discussing all things Accessibility with our host, Rachel Kruzel.

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