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The Four F's of Distance Learning: Fun

This blog focuses on the third F of distance learning - fun.

The Four F's of Distance Learning

If you're interested in developing an effective distance learning strategy that keeps students engaged and motivated, this blog is for you.

The power of personalisation: letting students be the masters of their own learning

As teachers, we can’t be everywhere in the classroom at the same time and we can’t be with each and every individual student every minute of the day. But with the right tools at hand, we can empower our students with ownership of their own learning, ensuring they receive real-time feedback and are able to move forward even without us being next to them.

Lessons learned: the digital future of education

Our resident EdTech Strategist, Patrick McGrath, recently took part in a roundtable discussion with a panel of education experts, sharing their thoughts on the lessons learned from COVID-19 and its impact on the digital future of education. Read Patrick’s insights into the key challenges currently facing education, the impact on policy & budget and the EdTech tools that are likely here to stay.
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The Four F's of Distance Learning: Feasibility

The first blog in this series focuses on the first F of distance learning - feasibility.

Promoting learning and building understanding through assessment

EdTech Strategist, Patrick McGrath examines what remote and blended learning models mean for assessing student progress going forward.

TCEA Recap: Change the Process to Support the Purpose

Last week, a group of Texthelpers attended TCEA, the Texas Computer Education Association conference. Compared to previous years, there was a noticeable increase in discussions around feedback/assessments and the need for change. But before changing, we first need to recognize what to change.
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The Four F's of Distance Learning: Flexibility

The second blog in this series focuses on flexibility.

The Four F's of Distance Learning: Family-Friendly

The last blog in this series focuses on making your distance learning sessions family-friendly.
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