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Bringing Texthelp to the Sunshine State: Queensland Public Schools can now readily access Texthelp

Queensland Public Schools welcome move to ease access to digital learning tools. Read on to learn more about the changes.

Guest blog: The digital learning trap

In this blog, Dr Ciaran McIvor explores the effect that the global pandemic has had on our learners, when it comes to teaching maths.
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Once the domain of SEN learning, assistive technology is now for everyone

Assistive technology can benefit every learner, not just SEN students
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How EdTech can help get education back on track

With an eye on professional development and high-quality instruction, the EdTech industry plays a vital role in post-pandemic education.
Remote learning video call between teachers and students.

Lessons from Hobsonville Point Secondary School

Discover the 3 key principles that guide teaching and learning at Hobsonville Point Secondary School in Auckland, to help them select the right EdTech tools for their teachers and students.
Students learning on their devices at Hobsonville Point Secondary School

Back to School: A pencil case of digital tools - for all subjects

In this Back to School blog, we’re discussing how Read&Write can be the digital pencil case for all students - across the curriculum, to help you think differently about your lesson planning, and the technology that your school has invested in.
School back pack with Read&Write and EquatIO logos popping out the top

Back to School: Are you improving student writing with Read&Write?

In this blog, we’ve pulled together some of the main features within Read&Write that can help with writing support in your classroom.

Community, Creole Cuisine and Creating a Culture of Literacy

A recap of our key takeaways from the ILA Conference
Texthelpers Kaitlyn, Jason and Mark standing in front of the booth at the ILA Conference

Accessibility by design

In our latest collaboration with the Edufuturists, they discuss how changes in legislation and the shift to remote learning are bringing learner inequalities to the fore for many Further and Higher Education organisations. Helping to shape accessibility by design rather than default across education.

‘Realizing the potential of edtech’ - a refreshing vision from DfE

The Department for Education’s edtech strategy was warmly received this year by educators, with a refreshing and clear recognition of the struggles faced by teachers daily, and an emphasis on addressing these with practical solutions - solutions which not only realise the potential of technology in education, but react to remove barriers educators have when it comes to integrating edtech into their everyday teaching practices.
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Lessons learned: the digital future of education

Our resident EdTech Strategist, Patrick McGrath, recently took part in a roundtable discussion with a panel of education experts, sharing their thoughts on the lessons learned from COVID-19 and its impact on the digital future of education. Read Patrick’s insights into the key challenges currently facing education, the impact on policy & budget and the EdTech tools that are likely here to stay.
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The Future of Education Technology: Trends for 2019

A fresh new year is upon us once again and we’ve caught up with our ‘chief geek’ Martin McKay - our Chief Technology Officer and one of the founders of Texthelp, to see what his predictions are for Education Technology this in-coming year.
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Guest blog: Supporting striving students: Using EdTech for differentiation in the innovative writing classroom

In this guest blog, Shaelynn Farnsworth discusses classroom strategies to turn your classroom into an innovative writing environment.
Encourage the writing journey for your students with WriQ

Edtech - the route to equality for SEN learners?

Explore how implementing the right edtech tools can ensure all learners have equity of access at home, in the classroom, or virtually.
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What are the benefits of teaching math using technology?

Technology provides dynamic opportunities for instruction in math & STEM classrooms. Here are some important ways that students can benefit when we incorporate technology with our math & STEM instruction.
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Promoting learning and building understanding through assessment

EdTech Strategist, Patrick McGrath examines what remote and blended learning models mean for assessing student progress going forward.

Creating the ‘penny-drop’ moment

Insight into maths concepts comes to pupils in penny-dropping moments. Find out how EquatIO can help you make maths relatable & engaging.
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TCEA Recap: Change the Process to Support the Purpose

Last week, a group of Texthelpers attended TCEA, the Texas Computer Education Association conference. Compared to previous years, there was a noticeable increase in discussions around feedback/assessments and the need for change. But before changing, we first need to recognize what to change.
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The potential of personalized learning for student engagement and achievement

Guest blogger, Nick Brierley discuses the benefits of personalised learning approaches on student engagement and achievement.
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