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Inclusion: The Key to the Future of Education

A paper by Martin McKay, CEO & Founder of Texthelp. In light of the current educational landscape, our CEO, Martin McKay has given his thoughts on how the COVID pandemic has impacted schools and what the future holds.

Universal Design for Learning in the classroom

Learn about Universal Design for learning. Understand why it matters in education and get resources to help implement UDL.
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TLA24: AI, EmpowerED and GRIT in Education

Earlier this month, we held our second annual Texthelp Leadership Assembly (TLA) where leaders come to learn. TLA is an exclusive, virtual, customer-only event, dedicated to senior educational leaders and delegates in K-12.  The results from our attendee survey are in. We’ve gathered the highlights from the top three attended and rated sessions from the conference, so you can get a snapshot of the event and the invaluable takeaways. 
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From Lightning Bugs to Lightning Bolts: Maximizing Educational Impact with UDL

Discover how Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and digital tools can revolutionize education, focusing on the little things that matter, seizing post-pandemic chances, and tailoring teaching to boost student success.
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Guide to the Future: Our Lessons from the EDU DeLorean

Discover our key takeaways from our back to school conference: Guide to The Future of Education: Lessons from the EDU Time machine.
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Celebrating different minds

This week ( March 21st - 27th) marks Neurodiversity Celebration Week, an event that celebrates neurodivergent strengths at all stages in life, from school to the workplace.
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8 Steps to Inclusive Education Success - Arkansas State’s Story

Johnny Key, former Department of Education Secretary (Arkansas), led the inclusive education movement across the state. Read his top tips in our blog...
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Supercharge your classroom with OrbitNote

In this blog we give you a rundown of all the latest feature in OrbitNote that will get your school year off to a great start.
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7 Universal Design for Learning Examples and Strategies for the Classroom

While UDL is a common phrase in many schools today, it can be difficult to practically implement in the classroom. To help with this, I’ve put together a list of 7 ideas to make introducing Universal Design for Learning into the classroom just a bit easier.
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How to Create a UDL Game plan

Our annual Back to School Conference is coming up fast, so we thought we would run you through what you can expect from our free PD event.
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Universal Design for Learning: Change the lesson, not the student

Discover how the Universal Design for Learning framework can help make learning more inclusive for every individual child.
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What is the recipe for success in schools?

There’s one thing though that you’ll rarely hear on this list. The humble pencil case. Discover why there should be the digital equivalent to increase independence for all learners.
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How EdTech can help get education back on track

With an eye on professional development and high-quality instruction, the EdTech industry plays a vital role in post-pandemic education.
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Lessons from Hobsonville Point Secondary School

Discover the 3 key principles that guide teaching and learning at Hobsonville Point Secondary School in Auckland, to help them select the right EdTech tools for their teachers and students.
Students learning on their devices at Hobsonville Point Secondary School

Supporting you to deliver a personalized remote learning experience

Read about how Texthelp product integrate with Learning Management systems to help you support your students whilst remote learning.

Personalised Learning: Tailoring Lessons for Every Learning Style

You can determine each learner’s needs by using the principles of UDL to understand their strengths, challenges, aptitudes, interests, talents and aspirations. UDL has often been connected to special educational needs, but it is a framework that applies to ALL learners who have variability in their learning.

The power of personalisation: letting students be the masters of their own learning

As teachers, we can’t be everywhere in the classroom at the same time and we can’t be with each and every individual student every minute of the day. But with the right tools at hand, we can empower our students with ownership of their own learning, ensuring they receive real-time feedback and are able to move forward even without us being next to them.

Creating the ‘penny-drop’ moment

Insight into maths concepts comes to pupils in penny-dropping moments. Find out how EquatIO can help you make maths relatable & engaging.
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