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Speaking with CCEE’s Dr. James McKenna, Rhonda Marriott-Spencer from the Orange County Department of Education describes how UDL is integral to CA MTSS and our efforts to support the whole child.

UDL and CA MTSS: Part 1

Orange County Department of Education’s Rhonda Marriott-Spencer joins CCEE’s James McKenna for the first of a series of videos connecting Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and California’s Multitiered System of Supports (CA MTSS).

UDL and CA MTSS: Part 2

Rhonda Marriott-Spencer gives some background on CA’s Multitiered System of Support and how it supports the whole child.

UDL and CA MTSS: Part 3

OCDE’s Rhonda Marriott-Spencer and CCEE’s James McKenna discuss how Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is integrated into every tier of CA MTSS, UDL’s relationship to Differentiated Instruction, and where people can get support for their UDL journey.

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