Webinar: 3 Steps to Accessible & Inclusive Recruitment with VANRATH

Would you like to learn how to optimise your website for accessibility, readability and reach in 3 simple steps? This webinar is for you.

The biggest barrier to inclusive recruitment is web accessibility. A whopping 98% of websites fail to meet accessibility standards and the number of people needing assistive technology is expected to rise to one billion people by 2050. Join us to improve your brand perception and build a better experience for all customers.

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What's the session about?

During the 30 minute session, you'll discover inclusive tools that can help you to:

  • Check for accessibility barriers on your website. That means, anything that impacts people with disabilities accessing your content
  • Improve your online content so that it's easy to understand for everyone. Including people with cognitive difficulties or low literacy
  • Support online visitors with assistive technology tools that allow them to interact with your content in the way that suits them best

A note on accessibility: This webinar includes automated captions and by signing up you will receive the recording and the slides to watch in your own time. If you have any additional accessibility requirements please contact Donna at d.thomson@texthelp.com.

Meet the speakers

Julie Moore, VANRATH

Operations Director

With over 12 years of experience, Julie Moore is responsible for managing business operations and large-scale projects within VANRATH including administration and change management tasks to ensure the smooth day-to-day running of the business.

Julie also oversees both the marketing and administration teams within the business as well as establishing relationships with key groups and contacts within our specialist sectors.

Rebecca Smyth, Texthelp

Inclusive Technology Specialist

Passionate about promoting equality and creating opportunity for all, Rebecca believes in a world where everyone deserves the right to understand and be understood. With over a decade of experience in providing support solutions to companies, Rebecca advises on tools and strategies to improve digital inclusion and online accessibility.

A little bit about ReachDeck

ReachDeck is an all-in-one digital inclusion tool that helps organisations to improve the accessibility, readability and reach of online content.

It's features supports teams to

  • Improve technical accessibility and reduce risk
    ReachDeck’s Auditor scans your whole website for accessibility errors, broken links and readability problems. By automating this process, ReachDeck gives you back the time to do what matters most. That’s fixing the errors. Not only does this help you improve accessibility, it helps to protect your business from legal and reputational risk.
  • Create an inclusive brand by improving content readability
    ReachDeck’s Editor helps your whole company write in a way that is easy for everyone to understand. As you write, it points out any jargon words and long sentences for you to review. It spots spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes too. It also gives you the average age of your content so you can tailor it to suit your audience.
  • Reach a wider audience with tools that support all website visitors
    ReachDeck's Toolbar supports people to use your website in a way that suits them best. With the Toolbar, you can easily add reading, speech and translation tools to your website. That way, everyone can feel included and valued, and you can reach a wider audience.

Register for our webinar and see ReachDeck in action. Learn how to find and fix web accessibility issues. Help your whole company to write in Plain English. And give your web audience the tools to understand your website in a way that suits them best.

Scan your website now

Intrigued about ReachDeck? We can set you up with a free trial now, so you can scan your own website before the webinar begins.

  • Scan your website for accessibility and readability errors. Gain handy reports to help you prioritise action
  • Use the readability editor to write content that's easier for everyone to understand
  • Add speech, reading and translation support to your website