5 ways to Enhance your Middle School Math Instruction with Equatio

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In this fast-paced, hands-on session, participants will learn more about Equatio, a powerful digital math tool that makes math move. We will explore five ways to use Equatio to make your middle school mathematics instruction more interactive, engaging and accessible for all students.

You’ll come away with: 

  • Digital Math strategies to try in your classroom right away
  • Tips on engaging all learners and improving their mathematical literacy
  • Methods to generate original content and create targeted assignments

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Learn more about the speaker

Kori Perkins M.Ed, Ed Tech Professional, P.D. Consultant , & Educator

Kori Perkins is a seasoned middle and high school math teacher with 9 years of experience, specializing in educational technology. Her passion for integrating technology into teaching has led her to conduct professional developments and teacher training sessions nationwide. Armed with a Master's degree in Educational Technology Leadership, Kori excels in identifying and utilizing web and app-based educational tools.

She is skilled in instructional design, creating educational videos and digital aids for both educators and students. Recognized as a subject matter expert, Kori's expertise spans hardware like interactive boards and software such as Equatio and Google Classroom. Her ability to bridge technology with teaching makes her a vital resource, particularly for math educators seeking innovative approaches.

Why Equatio?

Equatio is a powerful equation editor that makes it easy to create digital, accessible math. It saves time, lowers stress, eliminates frustration and makes math more accessible and engaging for every learner.