Your 8 step plan to accessible and inclusive websites

In the UK alone, almost 11 million people lack basic digital skills. 4.2 million speak English as their second language, and 1 in 7 people have a disability. These factors can impact on the ability to browse, buy and access online content and services. Everyone deserves a barrier-free digital experience.

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About the webinar

Websites aren't always created with people with disabilities in mind. That means that people with visual or hearing impairments, physical disabilities and cognitive differences often experience barriers online. This could be because a video does not have captions, for example.

To create a website that's accessible and inclusive of everyone isn’t a simple checkbox exercise. It’s a process. After all, websites are forever changing with new images, documents, videos and content being added constantly. Maintaining digital accessibility is part of the journey too. It’s also not the responsibility of one person, but the role of many. But how can you get everyone in your organisation motivated and equipped to make a difference in the digital world?

In this recorded webinar, gain an 8 step plan to creating and managing accessible websites and content. Hear from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), and explore how you can gain business buy-in and prioritise action.

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Who would benefit from this webinar recording?

Anyone looking to optimise their online presence, or delve into best practice for building truly inclusive marketing and digital experiences. More specifically - website owners, digital leaders, marketing communications professionals, corporate social responsibility leads and IT specialists.

You'll discover:

  • How to measure how well you’re doing, and identify what needs to be improved
  • Who you need in your A team and how to get business buy in
  • The role of user testing
  • How to identify your quick wins and priorities
  • Best practice around accessible and readable content, including blogs, videos and social media posts

A webinar with the experts

During this one hour recorded webinar hear from Craig Abbot, Head of Accessibility at DWP, and Donna Thomson, Inclusive Content Specialist at Texthelp. Gain their best advice, and walk away with an 8-step plan to creating digital content that's inclusive for all.

The webinar includes captions.

Craig Abbott, Department of Work and Pensions (DWP)

Head of Accessibility

Craig is the Head of Accessibility at DWP Digital, creating strategies to support accessibility compliance, culture and education within the department. Craig recently produced the DWP Accessibility Manual. It is a collection of accessibility guidance and best practice all in one place.

Donna Thomson, Texthelp

Marketing Manager and Inclusive Content Specialist

With two decades of marketing experience, Donna is passionate about digital inclusion and enabling inclusive online user experiences for everyone. Her vision is a digital world without barriers, where everyone can participate fully and independently, regardless of difference, disability or language. Donna specialises in inclusive and accessible marketing.