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Transform the way your students learn and faculty teach STEM based content with Equatio - the powerful STEM tool that empowers them to create and express math with ease. With its intuitive design and cutting-edge features, Equatio makes it easy for users to create STEM content, including math symbols, formulas and expressions, both digitally and accessibly.

Equatio also provides support for typing, handwriting, and dictating mathematical equations, giving students, faculty and staff the flexibility and independence to work in a way that suits them best. This powerful tool is also accessible on multiple devices and platforms, so users can use it anywhere and anytime they need. This session will focus on student use with course content, professional use for remediation of course content and faculty course content creation.

Join us for this training session and discover how Equatio can help impact change on your campus when it comes to making course content more accessible.

Meet our speakers

Rachel Kruzel, ATP,

is the Higher Education Specialist for Texthelp where she supports higher education institutions across the United States and Canada as they explore, adopt and implement technology based literacy, STEM and accessibility based solutions to help create more inclusive, equitable and accessible campuses and learning spaces for all students and campus members. She is a RESNA Certified Assistive Technology Professional and spent over ten years working as an Assistive Technology and Accommodations Specialist in Disability Resource Offices prior to coming to Texthelp. During her time in higher ed, she built and developed assistive technology programs at both schools she worked at, as well as coordinated the provision of accommodations. Rachel is a national expert in the areas of assistive technology, digital accessibility, accessible course materials and accommodation provision around testing and notetaking. Rachel presents both regionally and nationally on these topics and others, as well as consults with students, parents, schools and organizations.

Karlene Feeney

Higher Education Renewals Manager

supporting high education institutions across North America and Canada. As your point of contact for your renewal, usage and exploring all products. She celebrated her 16 year anniversary with Texthelp this August, having worked with large to small K-12 districts before supporting higher education.