Back to School Webinar: Snap&Read + Co:Writer

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Looking for powerful tools to support your students' learning? Look no further than Snap&Read and Co:Writer!

Snap&Read is a revolutionary tool that makes reading easier and more accessible for all students. With its intuitive design and cutting-edge features like text-to-speech and translation, Snap&Read empowers students to read anything they want, whenever they want. Increase engagement, collaboration and accessibility of your PDFs in the classroom with Snap&Read’s PDF Reader OrbitNote.

Co:Writer, on the other hand, is a powerful writing tool that supports students in developing their writing skills. With its intelligent word prediction and sentence expansion capabilities, Co:Writer helps students express their ideas more effectively and efficiently.

In this training session you will learn how these tools can transform your students' reading and writing experiences and help them achieve greater independence and success.

Meet our speaker

Colleen Sandquist

Customer Success Executive