Encouraging Autonomy: Executive Function Tools to Promote Independent Learning

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Independent learning benefits everyone. From building student confidence to lessening staff burden, it’s particularly helpful during school years that may feel a little overwhelming.

For students with executive function challenges, relying on others for help keeps independent learning out of reach. When staff isn’t available for one-on-one support, it may keep learning itself out of reach.

Various tech tools can bridge those challenges, and Diana Petschauer, founder of Assistive Technology for Education, can tell you what they are and how to implement them, even if you’re short on time, staff, and resources. Along with her colleague, Laurie McIntosh, tools and strategies will be taught to leverage student training to promote independent learning.

In this webinar, participants will:

  • Discover technology that supports executive function skills (Google extensions, wearable technology, Co:Writer & Snap&Read, Read&Write, smartphone apps and accessibility)
  • Learn how to train students to use it effectively
  • Find out how to facilitate independent learning with technology

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Hosted by:
Diana Petschauer and Laurie McIntosh

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