Coming soon: exciting additions to Read&Write - even more support for students

Powerful Prediction, Toolbar Modes, and more… New Features of Read&Write for the new school year

Join us May 23 at 10 am EST for an exciting training webinar on the latest developments in Read&Write!

We'll delve into the new features and improvements, and how they will enhance your ability to support all learners.

Read&Write is the go-to literacy support tool, offering features like text-to-speech, vocabulary support, research assistance, and proofreading. With its summer update right around the corner, whether you're a seasoned user or new to the tool, this session will provide you with fresh insights and strategies for implementing and using Read&Write effectively.

In this training we’ll cover how to use the upcoming features of Read&Write including:

  • New Word Prediction functionality by Co:Writer
  • New Topics feature
  • New “modes’ Including Horizontal, Vertical, and Writing mode
  • New look of Talk and Type

We’ll also showcase new resources to support you and your students. These will help both educators and learners understand how to use the new features in Read&Write. There will also be time set aside to answer any questions you may have.

With Read&Write, students of all levels can unlock their potential by improving their reading, writing, and research skills. Join one of the upcoming sessions to get ahead of the curve and support your students at all levels.

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