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Webinar: Inclusive Technology to support, attract, and retain neurodiverse talent

Companies with a diverse workforce are 33% more likely to outperform their less diverse counterparts financially.

Embracing and supporting diversity, including disability and neurodiversity, can help organisations reach and attract staff from a wider talent pool. It encourages employee loyalty and retention, positive brand awareness, and new ways of thinking.

Register for our webinar to hear from Texthelp’s accessibility and inclusion specialist Paul Fox on the role of technology in supporting DE&I efforts.  From recruitment and on-boarding, right through to staff development and retention, the right tools can help.

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During the 30 minute session, we explore how Read&Write for Work helps you to:

  • Attract, retain, and nurture all abilities
  • Support neurodiversity in the office and at home
  • Reach and support candidates with disabilities, literacy challenges, and non-native English speakers

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Accessibility: this webinar includes live captions and by signing up you will receive the recording and the slides to view in your own time. If you have any additional accessibility requirements please contact

The session is delivered by:

Paul Fox, Texthelp

Accessibility & Inclusion Specialist

"Hiring diverse talent is just the first step to becoming a truly diverse employer. To outperform your less diverse counterparts, you must create an environment of inclusion and belonging. Find creative solutions that encourage collaboration and diverse perspectives. Join this session to learn how our inclusive technology helps millions of ‘different thinkers’ to work with more confidence, accuracy, and efficiency."

A little bit about Read&Write for Work

Read&Write for Work is our literacy support toolbar that's used daily by over 30 million people worldwide.

  • Text-to-Speech Tools
    These tools allow users to play any text to hear it read out loud. Each word is highlighted as it’s spoken so the user knows what text they’re reading. This combination of seeing the word and hearing it at the same time has been proven to reinforce understanding, improve retention and increase focus.
  • Neurodiversity Tools
    These tools are most commonly used by people with neurological conditions or barriers such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, and autism. They include Check It, an advanced dyslexia-friendly spellchecker that helps with complex spelling and grammar that your standard spellchecker won't pick up. And a Similar Word Checker that that identifies homophones and commonly confused words and helps users to decode these words and use them in the right context.
  • Productivity Tools
    These tools are most commonly used by neurotypicals to support fast and efficient working. They include a PDF Reader that makes PDF documents more inclusive to everyone. And, Digital Highlighters that take the stress out of research. They drop all your highlighted information into a document in a professional format with referencing and a bibliography so you don't have to.

Register for our webinar recording and see Read&Write in action. Learn how it helps employees with everyday tasks. Removes communication barriers for people with neurodiversities, literacy challenges, and non-native English speakers. And, empowers all users to work more efficiently and productively.

Try our inclusive tools or talk to us for advice

Are you working to support your neurodiverse team? Would you benefit from advice on how inclusive technology can help?

  • Book a quick 30 minute chat with our inclusive technology experts to get some advice and hear how organisations such as Network Rail, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and Sainsbury's are supporting their teams.