Mission Math Phase 2: Launching math solutions for all

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Tinashe spotlights how Equatio can launch you into achieving your inclusive learning goals.

Join former high school math teacher and Equatio Specialist, Tinashe Blanchet as we launch into phase two of our mission by creating more equitable, engaging and accessible STEM learning environments.

Through this webinar recording, you’ll come away with ways to:

  • Remove barriers to math and science learning
  • Support all learners
  • Make math visual and engaging for all learners
  • Actionable, inclusive strategies
  • And more…

Whether you want to make your math lessons more accessible or simply want to introduce technology into those lessons, you’ll find this webinar useful. Register now for access to the recording.

About the Presenter

Tinashe Blanchet, Product Specialist for Equatio at Texthelp

Tinashe Blanchet is a former high school math teacher with over 18 years of experience in education and teacher training. She has traveled around the United States to train thousands of teachers on using technology to enhance their instruction. Tinashe has built a strong reputation as a skilled communicator and tech-savvy educator and has presented at local, state, national, and international education conferences and events, including ISTE and NCTM.

With a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction, Tinashe has served as a non-profit founder and director, college instructor and independent educational consultant. She is now the product specialist for Equatio at Texthelp, a company that creates an award-winning suite of products that helps millions of people read, write and research with confidence worldwide.

Tinashe is also author of The Freelance Educator: Practical Advice for Starting Your Educational Consulting Business, which was released by Routledge on July 19, 2022.

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