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Navigating educational technology purchasing decisions is difficult for many reasons. One significant roadblock: budget constraints.

Join our webinar on supporting and evaluating edtech tools with resources from InnovateEDU.

Schools are faced with the challenge of evaluating EdTech tools while staying within limited financial parameters. Balancing the need for meeting diverse needs with fiscal responsibility poses a constant dilemma. Join us as we tackle these difficulties head-on with input and advice from experts.

In this webinar, attendees will:

  1. Understand best practices for navigating edtech tool evaluation
  2. Dig into frameworks for evidence-based decision-making, interoperability, privacy & security, accessibility
  3. Learn about related resources available from InnovateEDU, including the Better Edtech Buying Guide, the Edtech Evidence Exchange Context Framework, the Educating All Learners Alliance Edtech Tool Library, and the Project Unicorn Interoperability Rubric/Certification, among others

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Meet the Speakers

Jackie Keenan
Jackie serves as InnovateEDU’s Content Lead for the Educating All Learners Alliance, an uncommon coalition of organizations committed to resource sharing and community-building that supports the efforts of the education community to meet the needs of students with disabilities

Erin Faye Caesar
Erin Faye Caesar is the Project Associate for Project Unicorn, an effort to improve data interoperability within K-12 education at InnovateEDU.

Stephanie Loeck
Stephanie Loeck is Managing Director of the EdTech Evidence Exchange, an InnovateEDU-operated nonprofit dedicated to pioneering an entirely new approach to EdTech research by harnessing and sharing educator insights into the contexts where EdTech thrives.

Amber Fowler
Amber is the Project Associate for the Edtech Evidence Exchange, a project under the InnovateEDU portfolio that aims to advance the effective implementation of educational technology.

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