Putting the "A" into STEAM

Adding art to science, technology, mathematics and engineering can take many shapes and serve many purposes. It can be a way to make a complicated topic easier to understand, it can be a chance to put theory into practice and have some fun at the same time.

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We invited our friends Brett Salakas, Cathy Hunt and Laura Bain, all education experts, to discuss this topic in our latest roundtable. The session was hosted by our own Greg O’Connor, Head of Education for Texthelp Asia/Pac. 

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During our discussion our 3 expert panelists take a look at the relationship between art and creativity with science and maths subjects.

Tune in for expert insights on: 

  • What the “A” in STEAM means to our experts
  • Helping students to stop solving maths problems and start exploring them
  • How technology can help every learner embrace STEAM subjects
  • Art across the curriculum
  • How Ed-Tech can be used in creative and artistic ways to create collaborative workspaces, and encourage critical thinking.

Greg O’Connor - Asia Pac Head of Education, Texthelp

Greg has been actively involved in supporting learners across all levels of education for over 30 years. During this time he has worked as a classroom teacher, school executive, consultant, regional manager with the New South Wales Department of Education, and technology coach. As the Head of Education for Texthelp’s AsiaPac Team, he helps to make sure that the over half a million users of Texthelp products across the region get the most out of this technology.

Laura Bain- Head of Emerging Technologies and Innovation at Matthew Flinders Anglican College

Laura is currently the Head of Emerging Technologies and Innovation at Matthew Flinders Anglican College since July 2020 and worked at The Springfield Anglican College for over ten years prior to that. She's an #edtech enthusiast and a blogger.

Cathy Hunt - Visual Art, Design Technologies and Digital Technologies Teacher.

As an award-winning educational consultant, presenter, author and experienced Visual Art, Design Technologies and Digital Technologies teacher on Australia’s Gold Coast, Cathy has worked with thousands of teachers globally to connect creative technology and cutting-edge pedagogical approaches with diverse learners.

Brett Salakas- HP Education Ambassador

Brett is a teacher, leader, poet and the founder of #aussieED (the largest online network of teachers in Australia) and the co-founder of both the ED Poets Society and #TheWalkingED.

In this roundtable discussion we explore how putting the "A" into STEAM creates a more connected curriculum. Helping to bring subjects to life for students.

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