Removing barriers to learning through device access

The SNP have pledged to provide every child in Scotland with a device to get online. Including a free internet connection and the support to use it. As of mid July 2021, over 72,000 devices have been distributed across Scotland.

But how will this impact teaching and learning?

Join our webinar to discover ways devices can be used to remove barriers to learning, through the use of inclusive technology. Hear from leading educators from schools and local authorities across Scotland.

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During this one hour webinar, you’ll hear from Robert Quigley, member of the Highland Council’s ICT in Learning Team. Victoria Schoenhofen, Specialist Support Teacher for South Lanarkshire Council. And Mark Davidson, Depute Head and Digital Centre Coordinator at Newbattle High School.

Sign up to watch their discussion from the Scottish Learning Festival. Hear about practical strategies that the panel have used to identify and remove barriers to learning. And, walk away with insightful and actionable steps that you can apply.

These include how to:

  • Identify and remove barriers to learning
  • Engage young people through technology
  • Remove the stigma attached to assistive technology

Who should attend?

This session is for anyone who is on their journey to using devices and inclusive technology in the classroom. Whether you’re a novice starting out, or if you’re like Robert and have a 1-2-1 programme already in place and want to maximise the opportunities there.

This includes teachers, senior leaders, those working within a local authority and those responsible for digital strategies within their school.

Who are the speakers?

Mark Davidson, Newbattle High School

Depute Head and Digital Centre Coordinator

Mark has over twenty years’ experience as a Mathematics/Computing Science teacher and School Leader in special education and mainstream settings. He has led significant change in the Newbattle Digital Centre through the implementation of a wide ranging Digital Strategy.

Which covers the implementation of a completely new digital infrastructure, using technology to support pedagogy, delivering an inclusive digital curriculum, support and training, partnerships and innovation. Mark’s particular focus is on delivering an equitable and inclusive environment where all learners can thrive in our fast changing world.

Robert Quigley, The Highland Council

ICT in Learning Team

Robert is a seconded Head Teacher who is a member of Highland Council’s ICT in Learning Team. He provides digital support and training to schools across Highland. He has worked as part of the Highland’s Chromebook rollout since it began in 2017.

Initially he focused on online safety to support the 1 to 1 rollout. But more recently, he has been focusing on digital learning, particularly during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Victoria Schoenhofen, South Lanarkshire Council

Specialist Support Teacher

Five years ago, Victoria accepted a role as a Specialist Support Teacher for South Lanarkshire Council, originally supporting two secondary schools. In her time in this role, she has covered six high schools, an SEBN school and 5 primary schools.

She now works 2 days a week for Social Work, supporting Care Experienced young people in accessing the curriculum and meeting their potential academically, and developing their resilience and mental wellbeing.

Andrew Campbell, Texthelp

Education Team

Also joining the panel is Texthelper Andrew. During his 10 years at Texthelp, Andrew has developed strong links with Local Authorities and Schools.

He supports them on their journey to making learning more accessible and inclusive. Andrew aims to empower educators through the use of technology to improve outcomes for all learners.

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