Shake Up Inclusive Learning: Kasey Bell & Mike Marotta discuss a student-centered future

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Achievement gaps. Behavioral Issues. Educator burnout.

It’s been a tough year. Could inclusive, student-centered learning be our way forward?

Placing students at the center when designing learning experiences allows us to create environments where every learner is valued and able to participate equally.

Providing flexible options as part of that environment promotes learner agency and motivates students of all abilities to become active participants in their learning.

Anticipating learner variability and reducing barriers to learning empowers all learners to engage in meaningful learning experiences and equips educators with methods that save time and reduce stress.

Join Kasey Bell of Shake Up Learning and Mike Marotta of Inclusive Technology Solutions for a conversation that brings their best strategies & expertise together to envision a future of learning that centers the student, including:

  • Differentiation/personalized learning
  • Student-centered strategies
  • Digital tools that could help