Unlock the Power of Math with Equatio: Exclusive Webinar Series for Arkansas Educators

Join us for an exclusive series exploring Equatio

This series is tailored to empower you with innovative strategies for using Equatio across different grade levels.

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Let's make math accessible and engaging

Sign up to join Kyle Krause for a webinar series exploring how Equatio can help you make math accessible to all students by grade level. The final webinar in the series will also feature Evan Beavers (Arkansas DESE AEM Coordinator) and some fun accessible resources for Pi Day!

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Here’s what we have lined up for you:

  1. Unlocking Mathematical Potential: Equatio for Grades K-4 - February 15th from 12:00-12:30 CT
    Discover how Equatio can make math engaging and accessible for young learners. This session will cover user-friendly tools and techniques suited for grades K-4, ensuring a strong foundation in math with interactive and fun learning experiences.
  2. Middle School Math Mastery with Equatio: Grades 5-8 - February 22nd from 12:00-12:30 CT
    Explore the power of Equatio in transforming middle school mathematics. Learn about features and strategies that resonate with grades 5-8, making complex concepts approachable and enhancing problem-solving skills.
  3. Elevating High School Math with Equatio - February 29th from 12:00-12:30 CT.
    Delve into advanced functionalities of Equatio tailored for high school students. This webinar will demonstrate how Equatio can simplify higher-level math, fostering analytical thinking and preparing students for college-level mathematics.
  4. Accessible Math for All: Celebrating Pi Day with Equatio - March 7th, 12:00-12:30 CT
    Join Evan Beavers (Arkansas DESE AEM Coordinator) and Kyle Krause from Texthelp in this final session in our series where we will delve into practical ways to make math inclusive and engaging for every student, highlighted by special Pi Day resources and activities. Discover how to use Equatio to bring math concepts to life, making learning enjoyable and accessible in celebration of Pi Day.

Each session is packed with tips, tricks, and practical applications that will bring math to life in your classroom! Whether you're teaching kindergarten or high school, these webinars will provide valuable insights to make math more engaging and accessible.

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