Our compliance to data security

We understand how important the privacy and security of your data is to you and have strict controls in place to secure your data, while achieving and maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements and guidelines on security and quality. Texthelp Ltd.’s third-party audits, certifications and legal commitments help support our compliance.

Information Security Management System ISO 27001

Texthelp BSI ISO27001 logoTexthelp takes the security and privacy of all customer data very seriously and implements an Information Security Management System certified to the requirements of ISO 27001:2013 (certificate # IS 679535) that is audited annually by the British Standards Institute (BSI).

All data that is stored by Texthelp, and classified as Customer/Personal Information, is stored in compliance with the following guidelines:
  • Encrypted at Rest
  • Encrypted in Transit using SSL Encryption
  • All Access to the information is Logged
  • Access protected by two-factor authentication
  • All data must be stored in an ISO 27001 or equally secure facility
  • All data must be backed up regularly and securely
  • All data should be recorded in the data security management system
  • Any relevant data security contracts that have been entered into between Texthelp and a Customer must be recorded in the Data Security Management System
**No customer or private data will be transported using physical media**

All data stored by Texthelp is stored according to our Information Security Policy.


Quality Management Systems ISO 9001

Texthelp BSI 9001 logoTexthelp strives for continual improvement in our products and services and in our customer satisfaction. To help achieve this we implement a Quality Management System certified to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 (certificate # FS 59973) that is audited annually by the British Standards Institute (BSI). 


Data Protection

To comply with GDPR and in the interest of best practice, we have undertaken the following steps:
  • Updated consent via re-permission campaign to meet high GDPR standards.
  • Updated and amended our terms and conditions, customer agreements and privacy statements to bring them in line with the GDPR legislation.
  • Ensured that correct and appropriate contractual terms are in place with data Controllers & Processors which support the principles of GDPR including international data transfers.
  • Updated our internal policies and practices to respond to GDPR requirements.
  • Continuing to invest in our products, services and staff training.

Data processing

At Texthelp, we are committed to safeguarding and preserving the privacy of our customers, product users and website visitors. Our Product Privacy Policy explains what happens to any personal data that you provide to us or that we collect from you while you use our software or visit our site. Texthelp has signed the Student Data Pledge, and implemented COPPA compliant data policies. All data stored by Texthelp is stored according to our Information Security Policy.

We already have strong Data & Privacy Policies, and we regularly revise them to meet the requirements of ISO 27001 accreditation. Texthelp recognise that the GDPR will help us move towards the highest standards of operations in protecting customer data.

International Data Transfers 

Texthelp Billing & Contact Data is stored in Amazon Web Services (AWS) which may involve the transfer of Personal Data to the United States of America. Texthelp has entered into Standard Contractual Clauses with AWS in compliance with Article 46 of the GDPR.

Staff training

Texthelp provides opportunities for staff to explore Data Protection and GDPR issues through training, team meetings, and supervisions. All staff are required to sign an electronic form signifying that they have read, understood and accept Texthelp’s Information Security policies.