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What is Read&Write for Work?

Read&Write is an inclusion tool that supports neurodivergent employees, multi-lingual teams and anyone who might find everyday literacy tasks a challenge. It’s a powerful set of reading and writing tools that help anyone who struggles with digital text to excel in their work.

Read&Write helps to create more inclusive workplaces, support DEI and ESG efforts, and demonstrates that your organization supports inclusion in a tangible way.

Read&Write helps you to:

Encourage employees to bring their whole selves to work

Globally, up to 1 in 5 people around the world are neurodivergent. 10% are dyslexic, 6% are dyspraxic, 4% have ADHD, and 1-2% are autistic.

These individuals think, work, learn and behave in ways that are truly unique. That means they bring out-of-the-box thinking, creative solutions and more to the workplace. It also means we should support them to work and achieve in their own way. The Read&Write toolbar gives employees the flexibility to choose how they engage with content, complete tasks, and communicate with colleagues.

Enhance employee output, performance and engagement

Supporting employees with the right tools they need to do their job can improve their experience at work.

It can also boost their productivity and quality of work and help them to express their thoughts. This leads to diversity of thought, more effective problem solving and better decision making. All of these things go a long way to increasing operational and performance effectiveness.

It's important for all employees, regardless of difference, disability or language, to feel supported and encouraged to work in their own preferred way. Read&Write helps to simplify daily tasks and improve the quality and speed of internal and external communications. It empowers individuals to excel and work more efficiently.

Demonstrate that your organization supports inclusion in a tangible way

From day one, every employee should feel welcomed, valued, and included at work.

Read&Write helps you to create an inclusive workplace, while demonstrating that you care and you're prepared to make a long-term investment in them. A clear commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion offers substantial and measurable competitive advantages. It can also make a positive impact on organizational ESG goals, and make it easier to attract and retain diverse talent.

Read&Write offers a simple change with instant impact for DEI. Our technology helps organizations create more inclusive environments where everyone is engaged and empowered and where everyone truly feels like they have a voice.

Offer instant and discreet support, without the need to self-identify

Being made to feel different can be a worry. In fact, 76% of people with a disability or neurodiverse condition do not fully disclose this at work.

43% of employees with disabilities or conditions do not feel comfortable to approach their employer to ask for change. Most people don’t want to admit that they need help or extra support. By making Read&Write available to everyone, HR and DE&I teams can provide support to their entire workforce, taking away the need for anyone to self-identify. 

What our customers say

FullFibre says adopting Read&Write for all of their employees allows them to remove barriers to support and enhance overall inclusion: “We've noticed a significant uptake across the business. It's not about just offering it to those who ask for it; instead we've made it accessible to everyone, so nobody has to formally ask for it.”

Natasha Bevan, Senior HR Advisor at FullFibre

We know that it takes on average 3 years for a person to disclose that they have a neurodiverse condition. The number of neurodivergent colleagues we have is higher than we think. That’s why we’ve made Read&Write available to every single colleague.

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Features - at a glance

  • Read&Write Text to Speech Icon

    Text-to-Speech reads on-screen text aloud, which helps to reinforce understanding, increase focus and improve retention

  • Read&Write Check It Icon

    Check It reduces writing errors with an advanced grammar and spelling checker

  • Read&Write Word Prediction Icon

    Word Prediction intuitively predicts word entry, helping employees to maintain focus and flow

  • Screenmasking Read&Write Icon

    Screen Masking with reading pane reduces visual stress and improves focus

  • Autocorrect icon

    Autocorrect helps to improve individual employees' writing confidence and enhance business productivity.

    • Read&Write Voice Notes Icon

      Voice Notes offers a friendly alternative to written comments. Employees can quickly and easily give detailed feedback

    • Read&Write Audio Maker Icon

      Audio Maker converts large documents into MP3 files for listening on-the-go

    • Read&Write Highlights Icon

      Highlights allows users to collect digital content from multiple sources, with automatic source referencing

    • Read&Write Scan Icon

      Scan converts paper documents and inaccessible PDFs into accessible digital formats

    What our product users say

    "Read&Write is very user-friendly and it literally changed my working life for the better! My Line Manager noticed that my productivity went through the roof. I just felt less stressed"

    Taljinder Duggal, a Corporate Communications and Engagement Analyst with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia

    “The availability of Read&Write demonstrates an organization’s supportive attitude and  commitment to fostering a healthy and inclusive workplace. With the right support in place, everyone can achieve their ambitions.”

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    Enjoy the benefits of Read&Write for Work on Windows PCs, Macs, Google, iPad and Android tablets. One simple annual subscription lets users sign in on any device. So it’s great for employees working in the office, at home or on the move.

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    • Read&Write is most beneficial for neurodivergent employees, as well as those with low literacy, and who speak English as a Second Language. But it also offers powerful benefits for everyone. Every employee has preferred ways of learning and working. Read&Write’s features allow employees to choose to learn and work in the style that suits them best.

    • Read&Write for Work integrates across Windows, Mac and Google. And, it’s compatible for use across most devices including laptop, tablet or chromebook. Not only that, employees can enjoy features as they browse the web, read PDFs, or collaborate with one another in a shared document.  So whether your employees are working at home or in the office, Read&Write for Work is available to them.

    • Your subscription means everyone can enjoy the benefits of Read&Write across all platforms including Windows, Mac, Google Chrome, Edge, iPad, and Android.

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    Read&Write is free for family!

    Our workplace 'enterprise' customers can support their employees' families by giving them Read&Write for free.

    This means they can pass the gift of inclusion to those their people value the most.