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OrbitNote allows you to transform and interact with documents in a completely different way. Create an accessible, dynamic and collaborative space that works for everyone.

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OrbitNote helps to:

Make PDFs More Accessible and Actionable

Teachers can easily convert printed text into a PDF with our one-click OCR scanning technology. OrbitNote then takes care of everything else, ensuring that students have access to the tools they need, such as text to speech, highlighting, vocabulary support and everything they need to succeed - across all class content.

Gives you multiple ways to demonstrate knowledge and give feedback

OrbitNote allows students to express their understanding in many flexible ways. They can type or draw their thoughts on the page, which can aid planning. Students can highlight the key points in a comprehension piece or to help with studying. Both teachers and students can use their voices to send thoughts and feedback, and finally students can add shapes and images to their work. 

Boosts productivity, connections and collaboration

Using OrbitNote allows for seamless collaboration, for example, teachers could leave a quick voice note for students offering feedback and areas for improvement, rather than waiting for students to turn in the finished article. Students can then access the voice note and make changes to their work. Students could use a range of tools to ask teachers for help, identifying areas that need more support - before it becomes a problem. Pen and paper projects can become digital spaces for working together, allowing collaboration between teachers and students, as well as for group projects and tasks.

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Features at a glance

  • OrbitNote text to speech icon

    Text to Speech:

    Reads words, passages, or whole documents aloud with easy-to-follow dual color highlighting.

  • OrbitNote typewriter icon


    Lets you type text on top of the PDF

  • OrbitNote push pin icon


    Ideal for making notes or adding instructions or other helpful hints to a PDF assignment.

  • OrbitNote freehand icon

    Freehand Drawing:

    To scribble and draw on your PDF to complete assignments or highlight important information.

    • OrbitNote shapes icon

      Shapes Drawing:

      For creating circles, rectangles and lines with customized lines and fill color.

    • OrbitNote comment icon

      Text and Voice comments:

      For collaboration, showing understanding and giving feedback

    • OrbitNote highlighter icon


      Collect highlights from text in documents or the web for summarizing research and to create bibliographies.

    • OrbitNote OCR Scan Icon

      One-click OCR scanning:

      Readable image-only PDFs at the touch of a button.

    What our OrbitNote customers say

    I love how OrbitNote allows all learners to easily manipulate PDF documents and gives them access to the familiar Read&Write tools that allow them to be independent and successful.

    Where does OrbitNote work?

    Our new OrbitNote toolbar will work alongside most applications whether you use Windows, or Mac.

    We also have some custom integrations available.


    • Currently OrbitNote has custom integrations for Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas and D2L Brightspace that make it easy to create, complete, turn in and grade assignments. We are always innovating and looking to integrate with even more LMS's in the future.

    • Yes, OrbitNote has a seamless integration with Google Classroom that allows students to complete PDF worksheets using a variety of annotation tools, and allows teachers to review their work and provide feedback right from Google Classroom.

    • OrbitNote works with Office 365, so Microsoft users can sign into OrbitNote with their Microsoft account and use it with PDFs in OneDrive. In the future, we plan to make OrbitNote compatible on iOS as well.

    • Yes, OrbitNote is entirely collaborative to allow for feedback and communication between teacher and student. You can share your annotations and highlights with other collaborators, and leave text and audio comments.

    • Yes, OrbitNote can be deployed easily by an admin so teacher and student users do not need to install anything. Check out our support site for more information.

    • You can share annotated PDFs with other users through Google Drive, OneDrive, Google Classroom or your Learning Management Systems - just ensure that the user you are sharing with has OrbitNote installed as well, in order to see the annotations.

      For sharing with users that don’t have OrbitNote, you can use the Download button and select the option to include your annotations. This will include all annotations, drawings, text, highlights, signatures and images in a new copy of the PDF.

    • Yes, your annotations and highlights will be included when you print a PDF in OrbitNote.

    • No, OrbitNote only handles PDFs. Read&Write can however be used with Bookshare and EPUB files.

    • No, OrbitNote is a standalone product. However it can be used in conjunction with Read&Write and Equatio to make content more accessible and engaging across all subject areas.

    • Freemium OrbitNote includes: Text-to-speech, Highlighters, Text Comments, Google Classroom and Schoology integrations

      Premium OrbitNote includes: all freemium features and Annotations, Collect Highlights, Voice Notes, OCR scanning and Canvas LTI

    • You can learn more about OrbitNote's pricing and licensing structure here.

    • Yes! You can begin your free 30 day premium trial of OrbitNote here.

    • Yes, we have a direct LTI for Canvas LMS which is available with an unlimited license only.

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