Create better writers, reduce teacher workload. Achieve more.

WriQ helps reduce the amount of time spent marking. It allows you to give students fast, effective feedback and track writing progress over time.

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Free up time and reduce teacher workload

Remove subjectivity and manual time spent marking written work.  Consistently assess writing across students and age levels using rubrics.  Automatically score writing indicators such as spelling, punctuation, and grammar, vocabulary maturity and time on task.

Give fast, effective feedback

Give meaningful feedback and motivation directly to your students. Help them to improve writing skills and quality. Increase their confidence and attainment as a result.

Put students in charge of their own learning

Students can track how long they can write for, before taking a pause or stopping (a writing burst). Positive nudge notifications prompt them to do a little better every day. They’re only ever in competition with themselves.

Take action with our insights

Use data to identify patterns in writing performance. Track progress and support curriculum planning. Become more confident in reporting on writing quality data.

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Features - at a glance

  • WriQ Dashboard Icon

    The dashboard: Keep writing assessments consistent with a host of data and metrics on the WriQ dashboard. Easily track student writing progress and back up your reporting with data.

  • WriQ Stats Icon

    The WriQ score: Accurately measure and track improvement in student writing. Compare your students’ progress with others in the same grade, school, district, and even at national level.

    • WriQ Rubrics Icon

      Custom Rubrics: Assess student writing with WriQ’s built in rubrics to keep assessment consistent. With the ability to add your own custom rubrics, writing assessment is in line with subject, state, or national standards.

    • WriQ Achievements Icon

      The student experience: Put students in charge of their own learning with the WriQmeter. It allows students to see their own progress and improvements. There’s no need for teacher intervention, and each student is only ever in competition with themselves.

    What educators say about WriQ

    The biggest thing is that WriQ cuts down the editing and correction time for the teacher. It leaves me more time for differentiation and 1:1 instruction, and I have real data to share with students and parents. Having the data is more persuasive than just a subjective opinion from the teacher.

    What's new in WriQ?

    • A user can add and score up to 20 rubric rows when creating custom rubrics
    • Updated Registration interface. Once registration is complete, it redirects the user to the WriQ dashboard.

    You can view a full history of updates here.

    How can you try or buy WriQ?

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    Recently three of our products - EquatIO, WriQ and Fluency Tutor were awarded the Tech and Learning Awards of Excellence for Remote Learning. These awards recognize the work of technology providers, whose solutions were key to delivering continuous learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.


    • The WriQ Score is the national writing metric developed by Texthelp that allows teachers to objectively measure student writing across their class, their district, and even state.

    • Nope! The student experience allows you (and your students) to track writing bursts, keywords, daily writing history, and more. It also allows them to see more detailed rubric feedback. But to assess a document, only the teacher needs the extension installed.

    • The Vocabulary Maturity score is based on research that determines the average age of acquisition of words. For example, the word dog has an age of acquisition of approximately two years old, while the word "photosynthesis" has an average age of acquisition of about 11.5. After each unique (and correct) word in the writing is assigned its age of acquisition, the age that is approximately the 95th percentile is ascribed as the level of maturity (the scores are also distributed across an age range).

    • From the Dashboard homepage, click on "Create Custom Classroom," and follow the prompts from there. Please note, you will not be able to add a student to a classroom until you have assessed at least one of their documents.

    • There are two possible explanations for this - the first, is that the grade(s) assigned in the rubric do not match with the grade level of the student being assessed. The second is that the rubric isn't enabled. To enable a rubric, click on the slider from the main rubrics page. To match the grade levels, you can either edit the rubric and add the appropriate grade levels, or change the student's grade level in the extension. Note - if the rubric is locked, you will need to duplicate it first and then you can edit it.

    • All the information you need is in your dashboard. To get there, you can click on the icon (show icon) in the extension, or point your browser to Be sure to sign in with the same email address you use to assess docs.

    • Your subscription means everyone can enjoy the benefits of WriQ.

      Once you have purchased, a customer relationship specialist will be appointed to your account. This person is your go-to contact through the duration of your license. They'll help you get up and running at the start and then check in with you every now and again to make sure everything is going well. They'll be on hand for any questions over email or phone during business hours.

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