Aidis Trust recommend Read&Write to people of all ages and requirements

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The Aidis Trust is a charity providing free impartial advice and support, with the aim to empower disabled people across the UK to optimise their potential. The trust has been around for the past 40 years, continuously offering advice to the disabled community on assistive technology and creating awareness of how it can help improve their everyday lives.


  • Aidis Trust has continued to recommend Read&Write to people of all ages and requirements for many years, demonstrating their satisfaction with the software
  • Julian Lee General Manager at Aidis Trust comments, “We think it [Read&Write] is a quality product. It is consistently good, that’s why it is consistently in our recommendations for those we feel can benefit from it.”

Read&Write Success

As a charity which offers advice to not just students but people of all ages, Aidis Trust reaches out to those with a variety of different needs and requirements.

‘What can be achieved by disabled people with the aid of technology can be truly amazing. Non-disabled people often take for granted the ability to communicate both verbally and electronically by using either their voice or technologies such as the Internet. It is also common for people to assume that many disabled people, through their disability, are unable to achieve the same results.’

Aidis Trust thrives to inform those most in need with the advantages that technology can offer, seeking to reduce their isolation through inclusion and communication. One of the key areas the company focuses on, is to improve individuals ability to read and write.

“The people who need our help and advice, do generally struggle with areas of reading and writing. That is why we sought out a tool for those who need it.”

The Aidis Trust, for many years has offered advice on and continued to recommend Texthelp’s literacy support software Read&Write.

Read&Write is designed to provide extra support to those with additional language or literacy needs, such as those with English as a Second Language or dyslexia.

The trust note they have received positive feedback of the software from all end users. “It is a testimony that we still use and recommend it [Read&Write] many years later, we aren’t paid to do so, proving we actually like and value the product.”

For certain individuals, a large part of the internet is shut off - Read&Write is able to unlock this area

Lasting value

The Aidis Trust has continued to recommend Read&Write to people of all ages and requirements for many years, demonstrating their satisfaction with the software.

Julian Lee General Manager at Aidis Trust comments, “We think it [Read&Write] is a quality product. It is consistently good, that’s why it is consistently in our recommendations for those we feel can benefit from it.”

Award- winning Read&Write software gives confidence to individuals who struggle with reading and writing. It is a flexible toolbar that allows individuals to maximise their potential.

“The software is an integral part of our services and because we help people through technology in general, Read&Write does the trick for certain individuals and provides the needed assistance.”

Aidis Trust will continue to provide support and advice on Read&Write, helping to empower as many individuals as possible to fulfill their potential.

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