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The only thing holding you back from improving your students' writing achievement

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Achieve more with WriQ. With tools to reduce the amount of time spent marking and provide students with fast, effective feedback. Helping students write more and be better writers.

Compare your students writing

Spend less time marking and more time teaching. Quickly assess, track and analyse student writing with a suite of powerful metrics. Including vocabulary age, accuracy, time on task and our own recognised writing standard - the WriQ Score.

Provide effective feedback

WriQ’s ability to provide instant feedback to students means that valuable time isn’t wasted waiting to close the feedback loop. Students can complete a writing assignment and receive meaningful feedback right there and then.

Track progress

One of the most unique things about WriQ is that it tracks students’ writing progress over time. Giving teachers and school leaders never-before seen insights into writing progress. Comparisons and insights are scalable too. WriQ allows teachers and leaders to compare scores and progress at class, school or regional level.

Motivate and reward students

The student experience gives each individual learner access to their own mini dashboard. Where they can track how long they’ve written for, without taking a break or pause - also known as a “writing burst”. They can also track their best writing burst of the day, week, or month without ever involving a teacher, at home or in the classroom.

What educators say about WriQ

"We were so excited that WriQ came up, because this is all about student performance as well. It's what do kids do as writers. And once we were able to start incorporating our own rubrics into that, it really put a fire under us."

How much does WriQ cost?

Free 30-day trial

Free access to all WriQ features for 30 days - ideal for teachers or parents who want to try WriQ.

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Free 90 day pilot

Experience a full roll-out of WriQ for a large group of users. Includes access to all premium features and implementation materials.


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