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  • 5 ways to Enhance your Middle School Math Instruction with Equatio

  • 5 Transformative Strategies for Teaching High School Algebra with Equatio

  • Beyond Inclusion: Wells Fargo's Blueprint for Neurodiversity Success

    Join us for a transformative webinar where Wells Fargo unveils the secrets behind their neurodiversity program’s unparalleled success. Discover the strategies resulting in 98% employee retention. Hear valuable insights and best practices from both Texthelp and Wells Fargo on how to to unlock the power of your people and drive business results in your organization.

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  • Webinar with Valuable 500: Supercharge your disability inclusion strategies

    Businesses all over the world are making great strides to bring equality to gender, race, and LGBT+. But too often, disability is neglected. There are common myths that disability inclusion is complicated, expensive or that disabled people are less productive than non-disabled people. None of this is true.

    In this webinar, we'll debunk these myths and share tangible strategies that are moving the needle to support people with disabilities and neurodifferences. We'll also take a look at how inclusive technology can support these strategies.

    Whether you're already leading the way for disability inclusion, or are just at the beginning of the journey this webinar can benefit you.

  • The Journey Ahead: Product Developments and Roadmap Review for Texthelp Tools for Higher Education

  • Empowering neurodiverse talent: Technology support for ADHD and dyslexia

    75% of people say their organization offers support for neurodivergent people. Yet, 64% of neurodivergent workers believe their organization could be doing more to support people with a neurodiverse condition. 52% of neurotypical workers felt the same.

    In this webinar, you'll hear from two leading inclusion experts. They will discuss the value neurodivergent thinking brings to the workplace and how to support and empower employees with ADHD and dyslexia using Texthelp's inclusive technology, Read&Write.