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SpeechStream is a cloud based, language and literacy support toolbar

What is SpeechStream?

SpeechStream is a cloud-based literacy and language support. It helps publishers of online learning and assessment to make content more accessible. And it supports online learners to learn and achieve independently.

  • Provides reading and writing support to diverse learners
  • Offers essential accommodations for learners with learning differences
  • Supports personalised learning and aligns to Universal Design for Learning (UDL) guidelines
  • Helps publishers to comply with regulations for digital learning
  • Fully customisable to the learning platform

SpeechStream supports...

Edtech Publishers

SpeechStream is easy to implement and streamline.

It seamlessly integrates into your content or platform. And can be fully customised to enhance your online learning resources. Not only that, it helps you to comply and surpass national and international regulations for digital learning.

Online learners

A variety of reading, writing and math tools support students to learn independently. And levels the playing field when it comes to assessment time. Functions include text-to-speech with dual highlighting, translation, screen mask and more.

Features - at a glance

  • ReadWrite Text to Speech Icon

    Text-to-speech reads on-screen text out loud with visual tracking. Helps to improve reading comprehension

  • SpeechStream Translation Feature Icon

    Translation allows words to be translated into multiple languages. Online learners can read and listen to digital content in their preferred language 

  • Read&Write Dictionaries Icons

    Dictionary with audio and pictorial definitions. Online learners can look up the definition of any word, helping them to build vocabulary

    • SpeechStream Screen mask feature Icon

      Screen mask with reading pane reduces visual stress and improves focus

    • SpeechStream Text Magnifier Feature Icon

      Text magnifier magnifies text and reads it out loud. This increases accessibility of even the smallest web text 

    • SpeechStream MP3 maker feature Icon

      MP3 maker converts online content into MP3 files for easy listening. Perfect for auditory learners

    Ready to give it a try?

    If you would like to try SpeechStream or would like more details, please drop us an email and a Texthelper will be happy to get back to you.

    Each one of the SpeechStream tools can address the needs of test takers with reading support accommodations in a secure manner, therefore we see value in the important support features that SpeechStream has to offer.

    Using SpeechStream

    All the tools you need in one customisable toolbar

    Use the default toolbar configured with a feature mix to meet your needs or design your own user interface.

    Reading aloud support

    With SpeechStream, online learners can benefit from a range of reading support tools. And as a publisher, you can choose how you deliver these tools.

    Text-to-Speech toolbar

    This toolbar is neat and tidy for read aloud tools that include Read, Pause, Stop, and Settings for personalization adjustments by the student.

    Text-to-Speech with vocabulary support

    This collection includes commonly used features including: Text-to-speech read aloud,Translation with read aloud, Talking Dictionary, Picture Dictionary, Annotation Pens and Settings.

    Additional supports

    Additional reading support tools are available for publishers to include, such as: Talking Paragraph Translation, Fact Finder, MP3 Generator, Sticky Notes, Vocabulary Builder, and Screen Masking.

    Pronunciation tuning

    Choose how words are pronounced by using SpeechStream’s Pronunciation Editor. Content experts simply select a word, click a button and alter the spelling in a dialog box field to adjust the pronunciation.

    Read math more easily

    SpeechStream excels at reading aloud math presented on screen in a variety of ways. Back in 2014, SpeechStream was first to market with reading aloud MathML presented with MathJax while visually highlighting each character of an equation.

    Support remote learning

    Gain insight into how these tools support online learners by watching our short video. 

    What our customers say

    SpeechStream works seamlessly with Learnosity to offer enhanced text-to-speech capability to help users with visual impairments, reading disabilities or challenges, and English language learners, to engage with content created through Learnosity.


    • SpeechStream is a Texthelp solution that was specifically designed to embed within online content and assessments with HTML text hosted by a publisher or platform. SpeechStream is licensed to the host and owner of the content.

      Read&Write is a Texthelp solution that was designed to be on the device of the end user. Read&Write is licensed to an individual, education institution, non profit, government agency or corporation.

      The ReachDeck Toolbar is a Texthelp solution that was designed to embed within a public website. ReachDeck and its toolbar are licensed to organisations for use within their public websites.

    • The end user does not have to install anything. SpeechStream is a Cloud based solution that travels with online HTML text content via one of the major browsers.

    • SpeechStream is regularly updated, which translates to several times during a 12-month period.

      Publishers licensing SpeechStream should plan to update at least once in a 12-month cycle.

    • Yes, SpeechStream is designed to support online assessments with text in HTML, whether they are formative, benchmark, interim, or summative.

      SpeechStream works particularly well within an online exam that uses a locked down browser, because SpeechStream is inside of the locked down browser with the content.

      SpeechStream offers consistency, tools to provide accuracy of the read aloud, and security, due to being inside the assessment.

      Texthelp has partnerships with many of the leading providers in this area.

    • Not a problem. SpeechStream will travel with your content into the end user’s LMS, which is typically presented within an iframe.

      If you have a unique publishing scenario, we would enjoy hearing about it. Since 2008, we have been able to support a wide variety of publisher needs. Please email to start a conversation.

    • Yes, SpeechStream is available for trial access without a fee for the period of time needed by the publisher to make an informed decision. And, support is included at no additional cost. Please email to start a conversation.

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