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SpeechStream is a highly flexible, cloud based, language and literacy support toolbar. This scalable, widely accepted software offers a suite of support functions to help improve student performance by making online assessment and learning systems more accessible.

A variety of the key reading, writing and math support functions include text-to-speech read aloud in multiple languages, accurate read aloud of complex math equations, dynamic translation, dictionary with read aloud, picture dictionary, screen masking, and annotation pens.

Easy to implement and streamlined, the seamless integration of SpeechStream into your content or platform, helps you comply and surpass national and international regulations for digital instructional materials, supporting increasingly diverse student populations.

Benefits Features
  • Improves confidence and understanding levels for struggling readers
  • Helps students with literacy challenges, including dyslexia
  • Assists English Language Learners and individuals with English as a Second Language
  • Supports independent learning and understanding
  • Easily customisable to your learning platform
  • Supports personalised learning and aligns to Universal Design for Learning (UDL) guidelines, promoting learning equity and inclusion
  • Hear and see, via visual tracking, online content read aloud to improve reading comprehension
  • High quality human synthesised natural voices available for multiple languages
  • Understand unfamiliar words with text and picture dictionaries
  • Study Skills tools include annotation and strike out pens, and Sticky Notes
  • Support for read aloud of math equations
  • Writing support with word prediction, spell checker, and homophone checkerĀ 

What our customers say

"SpeechStream works seamlessly with Learnosity to offer enhanced text-to-speech capability to help users with visual impairments, reading disabilities or challenges, and English language learners, to engage with content created through Learnosity." - Vikram Pai, Product Manager, Learnosity

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All the tools you need in one toolbar

Use the default toolbar configured with a feature mix to meet your needs or design your own user interface.

Speechstream custom toolbar image

Reading aloud toolbar

This minimal footprint Toolbar is neat and tidy for read aloud tools that include Read, Pause, Stop, and Settings for personalisation adjustments by the student.

Speechstream short toolbar image

Reading aloud with vocabulary support toolbar

This useful collection of tools includes commonly used standard functions and features, including Text-to-speech read aloud, Talking Single Word Translation, Talking Dictionary, Picture Dictionary, Annotation Pens and Settings.

Speechstream standard toolbar image

Additional features for reading and writing

Additional reading support tools are available for publishers to include, such as: Talking Paragraph Translation, Fact Finder, MP3 Generator, Sticky Notes, Vocabulary Builder, and Screen Masking.  We also have great writing support tools including the Reading aloud of student typed text, Word prediction, Spell check and a homophone checker.

Speechstream extra features image

Read math more easily

SpeechStream excels at reading aloud math presented on screen in a variety of ways. Back in 2014, SpeechStream was first to market with reading aloud MathML presented with MathJax while visually highlighting each character of an equation.

Speechstream math toolbar image

Pronunciation Tuning

Need to change the way a word is pronounced? Using the Pronunciation Editor toolbar, content experts just select a word, click a button and alter the spelling in a dialog box field to adjust the pronunciation without changing the underlying HTML.

Speechstream pronunciation toolbar image

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