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Drive diversity and inclusion in your workplace

Read&Write for Work helps you to attract, retain and nurture employees of all capabilities.

What is Read&Write for Work?

Each individual works, processes information, and shares updates with co-workers differently. Read&Write for Work is an easy to use toolbar that helps employees with everyday literacy tasks. It allows all staff to work with more confidence, accuracy and efficiency. For those with hidden disabilities (e.g. Dyslexia), ESL or low literacy, Read&Write polishes the skills they already have. It helps them to complete complex tasks and increases their confidence and productivity.

Through the use of our software, we help employers to attract, retain and nurture employees of all capabilities. And create a culture where differences are celebrated.

Read&Write for Work helps you to

Create a more inclusive workplace culture

Support neurodiverse employees, older employees, those with low literacy skills, and those who speak English as a second language. Help them to polish the skills they already have. Increase understanding and retention. And, remove barriers to complex tasks.

Support neurodiversity in an evolving workspace

Provide workplace accommodations and support staff with hidden disabilities, such as Dyslexia, Autism and ADHD. Read&Write for Work allows staff to self-identify what tools support them best. It empowers neurodiverse employees to maintain focus and flow. And removes distractions. Helping them to digest information easier and pick up mistakes a lot quicker.

Empower greater productivity for all

Improve productivity and support task completion for all employees. Compile information with ease. Process large documents on the go. Turn paper documents into accessible digital formats. Help empower your workforce with efficient processes.

Features - at a glance

  • Read&Write Text to Speech Icon

    Text-to-Speech reads on-screen text out loud. Great for proofreading and to give tired eyes a break

  • Read&Write Check It Icon

    Check It reduces writing errors with an advanced grammar, spelling and homophones checker

  • Read&Write Word Prediction Icon

    Word Prediction intuitively predicts word entry, helping employees to maintain focus and flow

  • Screenmasking Read&Write Icon

    Screen Masking with reading pane reduces visual stress and improves focus

    • Read&Write Audio Maker Icon

      Audio Maker converts large documents into MP3 files for listening on-the-go

    • Read&Write Highlights Icon

      Highlights allow you to collect information with automatic source referencing. Summarise and compile information quicker

    • Read&Write Voice Notes Icon

      Voice Notes allows employees to provide detailed feedback much quicker

    • Read&Write Scan Icon

      Scan converts paper documents and inaccessible PDFs into accessible digital documents

    How much does Read&Write for Work cost?

    Free 30 day trial

    Free access to all Read&Write for Work features for 30 days. Discover the benefits today.

    No Credit Card Required

    Get pricing

    We offer different licensing options, so you can choose what suits you. Choose from a Single, Group, or Site License. Visit our pricing page to understand costs based on the number of users who need a license.

    Do you need to purchase a single license for personal use?

    If you're an individual who wishes to purchase their own Read&Write license, please use our store.

    You can purchase up to 10 single licenses using your credit or debit card.

    Access to Work scheme

    The Access to Work Scheme can help pay for specialist software - such as our very own Read&Write for Work.

    Some Access to Work assessors may recommend Read&Write Gold - this is a legacy name for Read&Write for Work.

    “The availability of Read&Write demonstrates an organisation’s supportive attitude and commitment to fostering a healthy and inclusive workplace. With the right support in place, everyone can achieve their ambitions.”

    Using Read&Write for Work

    Creating accessible documents for staff with disabilities

    Text-to-Speech opens up written content, allowing staff to hear it read out loud. This supports staff with visual impairments. And, helps neurodiverse employees to process information easier.

    Supporting dyslexic employees with literacy support

    One in 10 people have Dyslexia. Read&Write for Work can help to overcome associated challenges. Advanced spell checkers and Word Prediction assist spelling. Text-to-Speech helps with information processing, and makes proofreading simpler. And, Screen Mask supports focus.

    Creating editable PDFs to improve staff productivity in the workplace

    In a digital workplace, staff rely on digital documents to collaborate. With Read&Write for Work, using the Scan feature to turn paper documents digital. And, convert inaccessible PDFs into an accessible format.

    What our customers say

    "Read&Write is very user-friendly and it literally changed my working life for the better! My Line Manager noticed that my productivity went through the roof. I just felt less stressed"

    Taljinder Duggal, Corporate Communications and Engagement Analyst

    One subscription. One sign in. Any device.

    Enjoy the benefits of Read&Write for Work on Windows PCs, Macs, Google, iPad and Android tablets. One simple annual subscription lets users sign in on any device. So it’s great for employees working in the office, at home or on the move.


    • Read&Write for Work is ideal for employees with hidden disabilities, low visual impairment, or those who lack basic digital skills. But it's a beneficial tool for everyone. Its features are not only designed with accessibility in mind, but productivity too. It helps diverse workers to work with more accuracy and efficiency than before. And supports a confident and productive workforce.

    • Read&Write for Work integrates across Windows, Mac and Google. And, it’s compatible for use across most devices including laptop, tablet or chromebook. Not only that, employees can enjoy features as they browse the web, read PDFs, or collaborate with one another in a shared document.  So whether your employees are working at home or in the office, Read&Write for Work is available to them.

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