At Texthelp, we believe everyone deserves to understand and be understood

Understanding and being understood is vital for us all. Whether at school, college or university, when we understand, we are more confident. Opportunities open up, and we can achieve more than we thought. It means we’re more likely to succeed. 

But everyone’s brain works differently. We don’t all read, write and think in the same way. Huge numbers struggle with text in some way. That includes reading, writing and math. 

If at school we are not able to reach our full potential, that’s a problem for everyone.

We create technology that helps build confidence at school with reading, writing and math.

Our tools help set students up for the best possible start in life. Wherever there is digital text, we can help make it easier to understand for everyone. With our tools, everyone can understand more, and achieve more.

Our Customers

We’ve already helped millions of people, we’re ready to help millions more.

Tools for Literacy

Understanding and being understood is vital for all of us. That’s why our products work together to build an environment where everything is easier to understand. Students have simple toolbars for help with reading and writing. They include things like text-to-speech, predictive spelling or grammar, picture dictionaries, and much more. These tools are all designed to help students feel more confident and motivated.

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Help students understand and express themselves

Read&Write is a literacy support tool that offers help with everyday tasks like reading text out loud, understanding unfamiliar words, researching assignments and proofing written work. 

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Take your documents to the next level

OrbitNote helps to make inaccessible content more accessible for all learners. OrbitNote transforms inaccessible PDF documents into dynamic and collaborative workspaces that work for every workstyle.

Tools for Numeracy, Science and Math

We all learn and understand math in different ways. For schools and higher education, our products work together to give students more confidence with math and science topics. Equatio improves learning experiences in math and science by giving students choice in the tools that they need to succeed. This includes having math read aloud, using “math to speech” and visualizing math and science concepts digitally.

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Make math accessible for all

From learners in Special Education to ELL students, Equatio’s accessibility features help students to be more independent in Math and Science subjects.

It lets students visualize, digitize and understand math with independence and in ways that best suit their needs.

UDL and Accessibility Experts

Everything we do draws on the best expertise about how people read and write, and how people’s brains work differently.
That’s why all of our products are designed with UDL and accessibility in mind.

As a result, in schools and higher education, every student can get the same opportunity for learning. 

Our Partners

Close the achievement gap for all learners

Plymouth-Canton Community Schools in Michigan, USA experienced a measurable improvement in their district-wide reading assessment with the use of our literacy support tool, Read&Write. Learn how in the Impact Study.

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What educators say about us

“There are not many things that I can go to our school board or any of our stakeholders and say, ‘this investment is going to help all students’ - but all of [Texthelp’s] tools do. Equatio fits a gap that we felt our LMS, Google Docs, and our adopted resources lacked - an accessible math tool. Equatio fits UDL representation, action and expression needs for all of our students and our 2000 staff members.”

Educator Guide Series

Inclusive Education

Everything you need to know about equity in education, helping students with dyslexia in the classroom, edtech tools and much more.

MTSS: a Multi-Tiered System of Support

Learn about MTSS, how it can be used to identify and support students’ strengths and needs, and why it's a high priority in education across the US.

Universal Design for Learning

The benefits of adopting UDL as a teaching and learning approach, and how we can implement UDL in the classroom to help create inclusive learning environments.

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