Solutions for creating accessible content

Make sure your audiences can access and engage with your content.

Why making information accessible is important

It’s important to make sure your online content reaches and resonates with every reader. That means considering the experiences of people with disabilities.

People with physical, cognitive, literacy or language challenges access and understand information in different ways. We must consider accessible design. Not only that, accessible language matters too.

Texthelp tools are designed to support the creation of accessible content across all areas of your business. Our tools also support your internal and external communities access and engage with all of your online content.

Using accessible language

Accessible language is about writing in a way that’s easy to understand. This means keeping content simple, short and clear. Organizations are using ReachDeck to guide staff to create content in line with accessibility best practice. ReachDeck also allows organisations to provide a website accessibility toolbar, allowing disabled website visitors to have an accessible experience.


The ReachDeck Editor makes it easier for everyone to check the quality and accessibility of their written content. Empower employees to produce communications with confidence and quality. Make internal and external content easy to understand by everyone.

Making resources accessible

Your marketing and web teams carefully craft messages that will resonate with your online visitors. People consume information in many different ways, therefore it’s vital that your online messages can be consumed in more than one way.

Read&Write allows your teams to convert the written word to MP3s and translate content into many different languages. The ReachDeck toolbar allows your web team to make your content more accessible and engaging by providing a host of tools for online visitors to consume the information in a way that suits them best.


Read&Write offers with everyday reading and writing tasks. The toolbar includes features like text-to-speech which allows users to have onscreen text read aloud. The audio maker also allows written text to be converted into an audio file - perfect for anyone who prefers to consume content that way.


The ReachDeck toolbar provides a host of accessibility features for your online visitors. It allows your website visitors to personalize how they access your information. ReachDeck helps those people that might struggle in a digital-first world.

Accessible websites

Our websites are the shop window to the products and services you provide. We want visitors to have a great experience when they interact with our online content. That’s why it’s vital that they’re accessible to the widest audience possible.


ReachDeck helps you to make sure that your website meets accessibility standards, as well as ensuring that the content on your website is written in plain English. The ReachDeck toolbar also provides an extra layer of accessibility, giving your visitors a host of features to choose from to make your content consumable for them, in a way that suits them best.

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What our customers say

"I just launched a new website and have been using ReachDeck's compliance tool [Auditor]. It’s been so helpful. Before ReachDeck, we were using built in functionality in WordPress for broken link scanning but it doesn't work effectively."