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ReachDeck helps you to improve the accessibility, readability and reach of your online content.

What is ReachDeck?

ReachDeck is an all-in-one digital inclusion solution. It helps organizations make their online content accessible and usable to everyone.

  • Improve the accessibility, readability and reach of your online content
  • Protect your communications, content and reputation
  • Empower your whole team to communicate with confidence

ReachDeck helps you to

Improve the accessibility and readability of your website

Reachdeck helps you on your way to becoming WCAG compliant. Get an insight into common issues at WCAG Level A, AA and AAA as well an overview of readability and number of broken links affecting your site. Identify the many elements that affect your website's accessibility, usability and inclusivity. Prioritise the actions you need to take to make improvements.

Create a reputable and inclusive brand

Wrap your reputation in a protective bubble. Empower employees to produce communications with confidence and quality. Make internal and external content easy to understand by everyone.

Reach a wider audience

Help a wider audience browse, buy and access your online content and services in a way that suits them best. Allow website visitors to personalize how they access your information. Help those people that might struggle in a digital-first world.

ReachDeck toolkit - Auditor, Editor & Toolbar

  • ReachDeck Auditor Icon

    Auditor: Identify WCAG compliance issues across your entire site quickly and easily, find readability improvements and broken links.

  • ReachDeck Editor Icon

    Editor: Improve the quality and accessibility of your content. Editor finds grammar, spelling and readability errors as you type.

    • ReachDeck Toolbar Icon

      Toolbar: Add the toolbar to your website to allow your visitors to access your content in a way that suits them best. Including text-to-speech, reading and translation support.

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    What our customers say

    "I just launched a new website and have been using ReachDeck's compliance tool [Auditor]. It’s been so helpful. Before ReachDeck, we were using built in functionality in WordPress for broken link scanning but it doesn't work effectively." 

    How much does ReachDeck cost?

    Here's how we calculate pricing...

    ReachDeck pricing is based on the average number of monthly visitors to your website - check out our pricing page for more details.

    You can also try ReachDeck free for 30 days - no strings attached and no credit card required.

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    • ReachDeck offers an all-in-one solution to help you improve and maintain accessibility and inclusion company-wide. It’s been designed to support your entire organization to keep digital inclusion at the heart of everything you do. It helps to address key challenges that busy organizations can face:

      1. Helps fast-paced teams to manage quality assurance more efficiently
        The ReachDeck Auditor allows you to scan all your URLs for WCAG errors at scale. This includes not only technical WCAG errors, but readability issues too. Meaning your website developers and marketing teams can discover and find accessibility issues quickly. With handy downloadable reports, they can prioritize fixes too.

      2. Supports an inclusive mindset across all departments
        The ReachDeck Editor helps everyone in your organization to create content that’s easy for everyone to understand. It provides all staff with a tool to make sure their content is simple, clear and concise. It helps you to improve the readability of internal and external content. And gives all staff the confidence that their content is inclusive to everyone - from HR and Finance, to Marketing and beyond.

      3. Provides your visitors with choice, helping you to go above and beyond 
        The ReachDeck Toolbar complements an accessible website. It gives your visitors support tools, so they can engage your content in a way that suits them. Providing your visitors with choice helps you to not only maximize engagement. But go above and beyond in creating a welcoming experience. 

      We have put together an objective comparison of ReachDeck and Recite Me so you can explore with certainty which tool suits your needs best.

    • By purchasing a ReachDeck subscription, you'll gain access to the ReachDeck Auditor, Editor and Toolbar. And to help you make the most from your new software, we'll also provide you with lots of resources along the way. As well as having access to our friendly team, you'll find everything you need at our ReachDeck resource hub. From guides to using ReachDeck's features. To assets that'll help you share your new software across your teams. Discover information about pricing, or talk to us to start your ReachDeck journey today.

      Our support site gives you access to lots of common questions that other users of our software have about the technical stuff. If you can't find what you're looking for there, then our Tech Support team is on hand at 9-5pm every day to help with troubleshooting or technical problems.

      We're always working on making our products better, so any improvements or enhancements are pushed out automatically to you, there's no upgrading to do on your part.

      All of this is included as part of your subscription. We do not charge any extra for these services.

    • No, not without your hard work too! ReachDeck can help you on your way to becoming WCAG compliant. It identifies over 370 WCAG compliance errors on your website at Level A, AA and AAA. And provides handy downloadable reports to help you to prioritize fixes. By automating this process, ReachDeck gives you back the time you need to fix accessibility errors.

      It's important to note that accessibility is an ongoing project. As content is added and updated, your website is forever changing. It's important to audit your website from time to time so that you can discover and fix accessibility barriers. Check out our guide to WCAG best practice.

    • Your website visitors are people, so it makes sense that your website’s accessibility is given the human touch. In fact, it’s best practice. Automated compliance checking with the ReachDeck Auditor gives you a useful time-saving tool. Allowing you to spend more time making corrections. Such as addressing WCAG errors, fixing broken links, and improving your content’s readability. Learn how to check website accessibility with ReachDeck.

    • WCAG is the acronym for the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, defined by WCAG 2.1 is the latest version of these guidelines, published in 2018.

      There are three levels of WCAG compliance guidelines, known as A, AA and AAA. A is the most basic level of accessibility compliance, AAA is the most comprehensive level, but is not always possible or practical to meet every single requirement.

      WCAG 2.1 AA is a requirement by law for public websites in some jurisdictions. It offers reasonably comprehensive support for users with disabilities. 

      As well as being a legal requirement, it is generally good practice to meet as many WCAG compliance guidelines as possible, to ensure the best experience for all your website users.

      For more information see Understanding WCAG from Or check out our guide to WCAG best practice.

    • No, the ReachDeck Toolbar helps to make your content more available to your visitors. But your technical and on-page content must be accessible and usable too. That’s why we no longer provide the ReachDeck Toolbar (previously Browsealoud) on its own. 

      Since its creation our thinking has been enlightened through our extensive work in the industry. As such, the ReachDeck Toolbar is now part of a complete digital inclusion solution. True accessibility involves compliance with best practice such as WCAG. And a truly inclusive website will use content that can be easily understood and perceived. ReachDeck’s Auditor and Editor helps you to work towards these. Whilst the Toolbar complements your inclusive efforts. It provides your visitors with choice in how they interact with your content. Helping you to go above and beyond on your journey to digital inclusion.

    • Yes. ReachDeck integrates seamlessly with any website or platform. The ReachDeck Toolbar can be added to any website, as long as you or the website owner can access your website code. The ReachDeck Auditor will scan any URL regardless of what Content Management System (CMS) is used. That’s because it isn’t installed on your website. It scans it remotely, emulating a user browsing every page on your website. And, the ReachDeck Editor is an online editor that can be used by users of any platform or web browser, as long as they have a ReachDeck subscription.

    • Yes, you can set up a trial for your website by filling out this contact form.

    • There’s a feedback link on your dashboard, or you can go directly to our feedback form here.

    • ReachDeck is our new accessibility and inclusion software. It contains everything you love about Browsealoud, plus much more. In fact, Browsealoud has been integrated into ReachDeck. It's now the ReachDeck Toolbar.

      You might notice that now in your dashboard, there are sections for Auditor and Editor. The ReachDeck Auditor helps you to improve compliance by identifying accessibility errors on your site. And the ReachDeck Editor supports your inclusive brand. Helping your staff to create content that's easy to understand by all. But, you need to be signed up as a customer of ReachDeck, or have an active trial, to access them. Find out how to upgrade.