Solutions for Neurodiverse Employees

Help staff with neurodiverse conditions engage with digital text and excel in their job role.

What is neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity is the term used to describe natural variations in the human brain. It relates to differences in the way we think, process, learn and behave.

Neurodiversity is most often associated with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADD, Autism, and Autism Spectrum Conditions. It also includes any condition that affects some, but not all, thinking skills.

The power of neurodivergent thinking in the workplace

As employers, we want to welcome a range of diverse thinking to strengthen our teams. We need to understand the various experiences that come with being neurodivergent, and the advantages of having people with neurodiverse profiles on our teams.

Neurodiverse employees can bring a whole new perspective to your business. The neurodiverse workforce can excel in a variety of areas. People with Autism can be a great fit for tech and cybersecurity and people with ADHD can thrive in creative roles.

Texthelp tools give employees the flexibility to choose how they engage with content, complete tasks, and communicate with colleagues.

Providing discreet support where it’s needed

Being made to feel different causes anxiety and can have a negative impact on performance. 76% of people with a disability or neurodiverse condition do not fully disclose this at work.

43% of employees with disabilities or conditions do not feel comfortable to approach their employer to ask for change. Most people don’t want to declare that they need help or extra support. By making Read&Write available to everyone, responsible business leaders can provide support to their entire workforce, eliminating the need for employees to self-identify.

Read&Write for Work

Read&Write’s discreet toolbar provides tools to support many different workstyles, so everyone can work how they work best - from the auditory processors to the visual thinkers, and beyond. An enterprise licence means that your organisation can provide Read&Write to every employee, whether they’ve disclosed the need for an adjustment or not.

Enhance employee output, performance and engagement

Supporting employees with the right tools they need to do their job can improve their experience at work. It can also boost their productivity and quality of work and help them to express their thoughts.

It's important for all employees, regardless of difference, disability or language, to feel supported and encouraged to work in their own preferred way. Read&Write gives employees multiple means of consuming and producing large amounts of information. It empowers individuals to excel and work more efficiently.

Read&Write for Work

Read&Write is an inclusion tool that supports neurodivergent employees, and anyone who might find everyday literacy tasks a challenge. The powerful set of reading and writing tools help anyone who struggles with digital text to excel in their work.

Encourage employees to bring their whole self to work

Globally, up to 1 in 5 people are neurodivergent. 10% are dyslexic, 6% are dyspraxic, 4% have ADHD, and 1-2% are autistic.

These individuals think, work, learn and behave in ways that are truly unique. That means they bring out-of-the-box thinking, creative solutions and more to the workplace. It also means we should support them to work and achieve in their own way. The Read&Write toolbar gives employees the flexibility to choose how they engage with content, complete tasks, and communicate with colleagues.

Read&Write for Work

Read&Write helps you to create an inclusive workplace, while demonstrating that you care and you're prepared to make a long-term investment in employees.

Read&Write offers a simple change with instant impact for DEI. Our technology helps organizations create more inclusive environments where everyone is engaged and empowered.

Supporting neurodiverse colleagues

Despite many strengths, neurodivergent people may still face challenges in entering the workforce. There are many more ways you can support staff with neurodiversities, and make the workplace a welcoming environment where everyone can bring their authentic self to work.

You can read more about supporting colleagues with neurodiversities on our dedicated page.

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What our customers say

"Read&Write can give somebody like me the confidence to realize that how I strategize is just different to how somebody else strategizes how to do something. And it doesn't mean that my ability is lacking compared to somebody else's. It's just because it's different."