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How to make sure the future of blended working is bright for neurodivergent employees

In this guest blog, Lexxic explore blended working, and discover what employers can do to ensure neurodiverse individuals achieve a work-life blend.
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Unlocking neurodiversity in the workplace

Work’s where many of us spend a big chunk of our lives. It can be a productive, stimulating place where great things happen. But it’s not without its stresses, strains and challenges that employees face daily.

Five reasons why struggling readers benefit from using technology

The causes of reading challenges are often varied and complex. While not a silver bullet, digital tools can provide alternative methods to try with students in large, small and individual settings.
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Belongingness at work: DE&I experts share how to create a culture that promotes acceptance, inclusion & belonging

Hear 7 key thoughts from DE&I experts on creating a culture that promotes acceptance, inclusion & belonging.

How to future-proof your business with neuro-inclusion

Discover 8 tips to help your business attract and retain neurodivergent talent, now and for the future.

7 common myths about dyslexia

Discover seven common myths surrounding dyslexia to better understand people with dyslexia as we pave the way for a more inclusive future.
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9 workplace inclusion questions answered - and tips from 30 DEI experts

Here, we answer 9 key questions around workplace inclusion based on advice shared by speakers at this year's Festival of Workplace Inclusion. Gain tips that'll help you revolutionize inclusion in your workplace.
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Supporting neurodiversity in the changing world of work

In this Q&A session, we hear from Aidan Healy, CEO of Lexxic, on supporting neurodiversity in today’s evolving workplace.

Why it’s important to include neurodivergent employees & how to make your workplace more neuro-inclusive

Find out how to make your workplace more neuro-Inclusive - from Cathy Donnelly. Talking and sharing lived experiences is helpful in normalizing subjects that have traditionally been off limits. We create opportunities for people to share in a safe space and what we have found is that when one or two people share their experience, others feel much more able to open up
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Supporting autistic employees during change

In this guest blog, our friends at Auticon tell us how they support employees with Autism during times of change.

The key to unlocking neurodiversity & the code for success

In a recent discussion, Texthelp, EY and SAP explored how to unlock the value of neurodiversity. But, what does it mean to ‘unlock the value of neurodiversity?’ Here, we answer that question while highlighting some key insights from the discussion.
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We’re back, with a focus on transforming tomorrow!

On 25 & 26 October, our virtual Festival of Workplace Inclusion will be back. As the second of its kind, it’s become an annual event exploring inclusion for neurodivergent, disabled & multilingual employees, and beyond!

Guide to the Future: Our Lessons from the EDU DeLorean

Discover our key takeaways from our back to school conference: Guide to The Future of Education: Lessons from the EDU Time machine.
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8 ways to support employees with dyslexia

Hear from 8 inclusive organisations and discover simple adjustments to help you support employees with dyslexia.

Why we 'Go Red for Dyslexia'

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month, and this year, we are excited to be a part of the global community that is Going Red for Dyslexia. As the most common cause of reading, writing and spelling difficulties, we are dedicated to providing dyslexic individuals with the tools they need to break down barriers and unlock their full potential.

7 ways to support neurodivergent employees working from home

In this blog we identify 7 ways to help you support neurodiverse employees working from home.
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We’ve partnered with Lexxic to help you support neurodiversity and inclusion at work

We’re pleased to announce our recent partnership with Lexxic, an occupational psychology consultancy that specialises in neurodiversity in the workplace. Together, we’re on a mission to help organisations empower neurodiverse employees and make the workplace more inclusive for everyone!
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6 facts I wish people understood about neurodiversity

In this blog Cory shares what it’s like to be neurodiverse living in a ‘neurotypical’ world. Discover 6 facts he wants you to know.
6 facts I wish people understood about neurodiversity