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Here at Texthelp, we’ve been big advocates of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) for quite some time now. We’re fervent believers in allowing students to access and integrate into their own education journey, at times and in ways that are most suitable for them. We’re frequent attendees at the annual UDL-IRN conference and have made lots of life-long friends there who are both advocates for and experts on UDL.

This quick video sums up why UDL-IRN is such a great meeting place for everyone who is passionate about UDL.

Flying the flag for UDL

UDL is something that schools and colleges in North America have really taken on board and have tried to implement to allow their students to learn and engage in their education in ways which best suit them. Whilst it’s still a relatively new notion in the UK and Ireland, there are some higher education institutions really flying the flag for and doing a great job with UDL. That’s why we went along to the annual AHEAD Conference in Dublin in March. We were delighted to see so many colleges and universities talking passionately about how they’ve introduced UDL into their classes, faculties and in some cases into their institution as a whole.

This made us stop and think. There must be lots of universities, colleges and individual lecturers and tutors out there in the UK and Ireland who are interested in bringing UDL to their students and we’d love to help them do that. We want to really help fly the flag for UDL and help colleges and universities discover the benefits to both the institution as a whole and to their students. 

Hear from the experts

That’s why we teamed up with two experts in the field to bring you a webinar around “Transforming teaching and learning in higher education” with Allison Posey, Curriculum and Design Specialist from CAST and Dr Abigail Moriarty, Director of Teaching and Learning at De Montfort University. 

Allison Posey and Dr Abigail Moriarty

Both of our speakers are specialists in the area of UDL:

Allison works with educators to integrate and apply current understandings from brain research about learning into instructional practices so that all learners are able to access, integrate and become expert learners.

Abigail is the University Director of Teaching and Learning at De Montfort University  Leicester. Abigail is a contributing author of ‘Universal Design for Learning and Strategic Leadership: A Whole University Approach to Inclusive Practice,’ in the book 'Transforming Higher Education through Universal Design for Learning: An International Perspective’.

If you’d like to find out what all the fuss is about, or to hear how UDL works in practice, you can access the webinar recordings here


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